Rhea Rizza Fajardo

January 24, 2007 : Wednesday

Every 3 years when we have an election there is a talk of fraud, terrorism, and cheating that occur before, during, and after the voting like graft and corruption on the government and dishonesty in every phase of the electoral process. It appears to be an accepted reality. That’s the reason why most of the people don’t have the will to exercise their right to suffrage. Because all they wanted is a free, fair, honest, orderly, and credible election. So why would you vote? If the qualities of the election they wanted doesn’t happen in reality. Maybe for some it was just a waste of time.

The election serves as the opportunity for the Filipino people to have their voices heard. It was very important part of People’s lives. This serve as their way to cast their choices for the next set of leaders of our country but it’s really hard to exercise this right judiciously because the election of today doesn’t have a good credibility. So what should be done? In spite of the accepted reality, we, the people of our society should be the one to make this election more credible. How? By choosing a deserving leader in the future.

Aside from competence, the other attribute of leaders that should be carefully assessed as we vote today is their character. We need more leaders who exhibit fairness in their dealing, who will not succumb of their job. Who will retain their integrity in the face of temptation to abuse ones power. We need to be more sensible to the signs which indicate who among the contenders show the character that is required of our future leaders.

The clear call today is for us to exercise our right judiciously, to vote wisely, as the decision we are about to make will not impact on us alone but on the future of our society.


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