Corrupt minds start young

January  17, 2007 : Wednesday

Corrupt Minds Start Young

Jan Richard A. Renes

Do you ever wonder why most of our politicians come from prestigious universities, yet, our country is still in despair? Well, your question is as good as mine.

Most of the youth today, if not all, are corrupt. YES! Don’t argue. Every single one of us is corrupt in even a small way. Cheating on the exams, gossiping about that girl wearing a fugly dress, you name it! We’re indeed corrupt. So, what will happen to us? Who will hold the Philippines’ future then? Well, of course, it’s still us, the youth. All we have to do is use our “corruptness” for the good and benifit of all! Well, I’m assuming you’re asking how? Corruption is not always bad. If you’re not corrupt, then, you’ll be dead right now.

Corruption is how we get along in this world. And in the world of Politics, corruption is mostly used to ones advanteges. But i believe that Politicians could indeed use Corruption in order to get the benifits and for the advantege of the less privelaged.

So, for the youth of today, i challenge you to use your “corruptness” for the good of the nation!


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