Political Family Tree

January 10, 2007  : Wednesday

Political Family Tree

Clarisse San Felipe

Political Dynasty should be strictly prohibited in our country. There are many politicians of today monopolize politics on their respective regions or provinces.

The House also had a member whose brother was governor of another province. Should they be considered to belong to a political dynasty? Several other members had spouses who were mayors. They said any ban on political dynasty should not include them, since they had a bigger constituency than their spouses.
Well, you see political dynasty is already prohibited under the 1987 constitution, except that it has to be defined first by Congress. It has been almost two decades already and Congress has not yet defined the term “political dynasty”. so, what shall we do? lobby for the passage of the law that would define the term and, in the meantime,voters should not vote for candidates who run simply because they carry the names of famous politicians

Think of any possible situation and a number of congressmen would be affected. And when it came to crunch time, expect the congressmen to vote in favor of their own interests. The end-result—no implementing law against political dynastymore than 20 years after the enactment of the Constitution

The absence of a law against political dynasty means that several “graduating” congressmen will again field their spouses or children or close relatives to replace them in the coming May 2007 election.


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  1. Irene Santos Said:

    what makes political dynasty really bad in our country? Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy were some of my most admired American politicians. they have all the same surnames… They are also loved by the American people. So what if there is political dynasty

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