“Two Ways To Attain Justice”

“Two Ways To Attain Justice”

Emil L. Samaniego
1. Give Man ABSOLUTE FREEDOM in living his life.
That is giving man…
1.1. …rightful choices or options in life.
1.2. …a will to use in deciding which choice or option he would pick.
1.3. …a heart that will emotionally affirm the choice he would choose.
1.4 …and a reason that will intellectually validate the option he would pick.
1.5 …and a state of no force or coercion in every decision he would make.
So as to say FREEDOM is:
… is the act of choosing between rightful choices or options in life, in the absence of force or coercion, based according to the true will, reason, and heart of a person…
(Source: My essay- “ Freedom, Ethics and Politics”
Specifically Freedom to…
1 …to be good or to be bad. (Ethics).
2. …to believe or not to believe. (Metaphysics)
3. …to be a liberal or to be a communist or socialist or fascist or fundamentalist etc. (Politics)
4. …to think or not to think. (Epistemology)
5. …to be beautiful or to be ugly or to be artful or not artful. (Esthetics)
6. …to be rational or irrational or valid or invalid. (Logic)
7. …to possess or not to possess. (Economics)
Why give man Freedom in the first place?
Just imagine if we have no freedom, would we be happy beings? Meaning, Freedom is for the self-centered HAPPINESS of Man. We have freedom because we do not want to be an automaton, that is not living in the light of his being- that is a robot without autonomy(emotional, intellectual, social etc.) to his own self.
2. After GIVING Man absolute freedom in His life, then TAKE, that is by SENTENCING/JUDGING him, to attain JUSTICE.
Who gives Man Freedom(in order to be happy) to take, to attain justice?
1. For some man it’s the nature. Meaning, it is the nature that gives man freedom in order to attain happiness/transcendence in his life. And remember as what according to John Locke, Man in nature is in complete freedom. So as to say that man is born free. And it’s the Nature that enables man to be. Therefore, justice is when the Nature (after its gift of Freedom to Man), takes its back to Man, and it has positive and negative conceptions. The positive conception is when Nature asks Man to do something for it, maybe to preserve the Nature, or etc. (I am not a believer of Nature). The Negative conception is when Nature gives sufferings or despair to Man (tragedies etc.) or when Nature now takes Man as his original part, that is when Man dies and be a part of Nature again, this is justice. Therefore, justice is just a simple Give and Take of Nature and Man. However, I don’t believe that my Freedom comes from the Nature.
2. For an atheist man, since he doesn’t believe in a ‘creator or first-cause’, maybe he might as well do not know where his freedom comes from. Meaning, he is just thinking that he has freedom, but he doesn’t know why and how he get it, so as to other things in life, because he doesn’t believe that there is a source or creator of all things (he is just then a mere existence of life- how miserable.)
3. Then for the believer of God, it is God. God has given us freedom to rule our life while we are still alive. He let us to be good or to be bad, to believe or not to believe in him- all for the sake of our self-centered happiness. He allows us to be the God of ourselves, He let us not to worship Him or He has given us freedom to be part or not to be part of His family- all for the sake of our Freedom, that gives us self-centered happiness- the happiness which is according to Philosophy is the ultimate pursuit of Man. Therefore, the freedom that we have in our very Nature is for me the highest expression of the Love of God to us, because here He nullifies even His own Nature as God of us (even for a while), He doesn’t let us to be robots or creatures without autonomy to ourselves. He even let forsakes Himself to be forsaken, only for this so called happiness, that we have now in the light of our absolute freedom in anything. Therefore, it is only justice when God takes his on us, that is when He will now act as God- God that will judge us if we persist to live in Him, despite of our freedom not to do it. And if we live in Him despite of this freedom, it only shows that we really love Him (a genuine love to Him). So as to conclude, the judgment is the ultimate justice of God to Man, and Man to God- this is when we can attain justice. (to be in heaven or hell for us- these are all justice.)
(Note: Do not argue if you do not believe that you are only a created being not the creator.)
However, my notion here is not just purely metaphysical/spiritual in Nature, for it is also applicable in ordinary things. Take a look on our justice system, in order to get justice, the verdict of a judge doesn’t matter, because I don’t believe that all the judge can discern the truth or really can judge to give justice. For we are only man, meaning, knowing the real things or scenario of the case that happened in a crime is impossible (maybe it would be possible if we already invented time machines). Therefore, the verdict of a judge or even the Supreme Court cannot really be equated to justice. But why there is still justice? And it is because of our FREEDOM (Freedom to be heard, considered, defend ourselves etc. before the jury (#7 kinds of freedom above). It is already justice if we have given the opportunity to have a fair trial. And it is just a must, for it is our freedom, embedded in our very nature. That is why, giving us our absolute freedom is the first step or the most important step (on this case) to attaining justice, then followed by the verdict. (But since our judge in this case is a man, we cannot hope that the verdict is the real reflection of justice, simply because he is just a man (I am not talking here the intellect of the judge)- a man bound by natural limitations such as the limitation to push backward the time to know the real happenings of the past, to decide in a particular case.


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