Ways to Be Happy…….

Ways to Be Happy…….

Jacinta Enerio

1. Decide to be Happy. Yes, we all have reasons to be angry, sad, disappointed, and depressed, but we all have reasons to be happy. Instead of focusing on what keeps you down, focus on what keeps you up.

2. Smile. Try to smile when you don’t feel like it. The very act of smiling can just make you feel happy (ang saya noh!!)

3. Be with Others. Don’t be alone too much. Being alone makes you focus on yourself. Talk to others and motivate others to be happy. Happiness is contagious.

4. Help Others. Helping others makes you see your gifts that God gave you. You also have an opportunity to make someone’s life just a bit more pleasant. (maging matulungin naman kahit pa-minsan2x lang hahaha!)

5. Be Happy with What you Have. Stop comparing what others might or might not have and being jealous. Look at what you have.

6. Look at the Silver Lining. In about every situation, there is some hope or something good. Never give up hope in life. Hope keeps you going.

7. Pray. Pray to God. He can help you to be happy.

8. Slow Down. Enjoy life. We only have one shot at life. Each day gives us opportunity to do something great.

9. Forgive others. Forgive people who hurt you. Forgive yourself. Go to confession and start off clean. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s our choice if we hold on to them or let them go. (Let there be peace on earth….kalimutan na ang mga awayan…)


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