Menu for 14 dishes of bizarre heavenly bliss

King-King Anything-Goes Cookery
Menu for 14 dishes of bizarre heavenly bliss

Jesus Christian King Calugay 
-Life likes a dinner after meals. The right mixture of dishes brings out the tastiest of all smiles. Here are my suggested servings of uncanny dishes, enjoy!
Dish #1:
Von voyage sorrowed soup  
— With every slurp say a thousand goodbyes to melancholic sensations to begin this carnival meal of joy.
Dish #2:
Youth with Ultra Spicy Curry sauce
— Bored? Add a little spice in your life…the hotter the better.
Dish #3:
Roast beef of pure disaster
— Life like beef that is roasted, tough yet tasty. Warning: Don’t choke yourself with things you can’t swallow. Chew life in bite size slices.
Dish #4:
Victory is Sweet and sour pork
–Victory the superb blend of sweet success and sour of defeat makes this dish a mouth watering treat. 
Dish #5:
 Steamed lapu-lapu and sashimi with simplicity dip
–sometimes the simplest dish gives the most extra ordinary smiles.
Dish #6:
Big Bang Siomai
–every bite in life is exploding with trills better don’t miss out the fun.
Blazin’ Buffalo wings of Love
–Love is one of the rarest delicacy don’t let it go cold. No one wants a cold meal.
Mystery Cookie and Milky Twisty Fate
–Mystery plus a twist of fate make this life an interesting one.
Dish #9:
Bread of Life with personalized feelings.
–Whatever you desire, don’t hold back. Take a gigantic bite and don’t even leave a morsel of regret.
Dish #10:
Deadly fighting muffins
–don’t let go of what makes you smile, if anyone takes it away just fight to take it back. Enjoy this tasty treat of aggressiveness.
Dish #11:
Anything-goes chocolate surprise
–everyday is surprise, just consume it anyway you possible can.
Dish #12:
Halo-Halo lobster with a Scoop of Vanilla Laughter
–Laughter always refreshes a scornful hot mood.
Dish #13:
Deluxe Quadruple layer cake of lost memories
–Memories are full of smiles never forget the sweetest ones. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!
Dish #14:
Undying Pudding of Smiles
— The eternal smile, never go home without it.
This meal never grows old, have a seat and share it to anyone. Think it’s weird? Why not try your own mishmash? Serve every meal with a smile.


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