Katie’s List

Katie’s List 

Kristine Tyrol Rosales

1. Don’t talk- do
Its better na hindi ka muna vocal sa mga plans or goals mo… in this way hindi ka mapapahiya. The other point is that, action is better than words right? Mas makakatulong to rather than just talkin bout what you want.
2. Clarifying what you really want from life.
Successful people know what they want. Mas ok to, kase magkakaroon ka ng desisyon, focus and passion sa ginagawa mo!

3. Positive Thinking
Successful people believe they will be successful. They have the confidence much better than those persons having a pessimistic view…

4. Persistence.
We should not give up no matter how many times we failed at least we have the determination and the will..naks!

5. Success: Can’t achieve it by you only. Pay A Professional!
That’s the way the world works. It’s always been that way. If my cell phone, hindi ako mag-aalala na ayusin to ng saken lang, I call a professional. If you can’t or don’t want to do the job yourself, pay a professional to do it for you. After all, the only thing that really matters e ung resulta tma?

6. Set a date.
This would always remind you of a commitment. May pressure but still may patutunguhan.

7. Have frequent SEX.
Bwahaha! J nbs ko to dti! “Helps combat the chemical imbalances that drain your spirit and suck you into a crippling void of depression” astig! (ito ay pr lmng s mga taong my krptng mkipgtlik)

8. Four of the most powerful words in the world are I need your help.
Achieving success is not only about your own effort but rather it requires the help of those people you might think will help you! mas ok to less effort pa db?

9. Decide like a democracy. Implement like a dictatorship.
Astig db? Sa simpleng salita kase ganito! decide like a democracy- meaning you don’t limit yourself of thinking ideas to your success, open-mindedness perhaps or hinahayaan mo ang bawat kritisismo o suggestions basta…Democracy. Implement like a dictator- simply means may kontrol ka.

10.  The best thing to achieve success is to learn from the past failures
Syempre it simply teaches you lessons and what are those things that should and should not do.

11. Work hard when working, rest well when resting.
Whatever you’re doing, do that activity well and without hesitation. Be in the moment and focus, as what Andrew Carnegie said it, “Work hard, play hard, sleep well. Good philosophy!

12. Improve your vocabulary.
Countless studies prove that a strong command of the English language is directly linked to success in all areas of your life like studies show that executives score higher on vocabulary tests than their underlings.

13. Learn the Inner Game
In order to be successful, you have to understand that first you have to become successful in your mind. Your mind is a toolbox, and like any other toolbox, you have to keep your tools clean and ready to work for you.
(ang mga isinulat ko dito ay in random orders mga tol! Hehe)


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