How to seek happiness despite troubles

How to seek happiness despite troubles

Salome Saro
1.     have faith in God
Problems make us feel frail, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Amidst imbroglio, we want to find some comfort; we seek out for inner peace, and on how to do that is to lay open our spiritual life. Not everyone may understand what’s going on in our lives, not everyone may help out us but one thing for sure, God is for ever and a day there behind us and He is always geared up whenever there is a cliff ahead, we have to hold on with Him no matter what. Knowing the verity that there is a great aid in His image, we are on the safe side and for that, there is no way for us not to be happy.
2.  meditate and analyze yourself
Know yourself. And everything follows. It’s a much relief to express all deep within yourself solely. Know your strengths, then use it for your advantage, know your flaw then have some plan to fill up that emptiness, know your fears and worries, and then hunt for answers to overcome those. You cannot let other known you until you; yourself cannot know who really you are.
3.  share your smile and have some time to laugh
Give your smile to everyone and you will find yourself enjoying spending moments with others. Make your laugh known to others. Learn how to crack jokes with others… sharing fun doubles it… it may heal wounded heart.
4. love
To love, completes ones self. To be loved, feels satisfaction. To love and be loved is the greatest feeling anyone could feel. The magic that could love burst may not just restore the happiness gone but it also adds more of it.
5. appreciate every little things
Bear in mind that you are blessed. Look at your surroundings. Everything is blessed. Feel fortunate or the things you have, it may seem to be not much but if you merge all those, it will construct a vast one. Just imagine you don’t have all those, and then you will grasp that you are not being forgotten, always blessed and loved.
6.  make yourself busy
Do things that make your time worthwhile. Be engrossed and have fun doing this. You may enjoy yourself by dong your hobbies and creative works. By this you may forget those problems. Provide yourself a recreation creates happiness.
7.  feel good about yourself and have the right amount of self confidence
Emphasize your assets, accents your strengths, show your competence and highlight your capacity. It may bring out your excellent and defining traits. From it you will increase confidence. Be sure it is in the right amount or else anyone e may think you are haughty and everything you do is just for effect only. Being confidence boost your self-esteem towards your conquest. Then happiness is next. honest and have no enemy
Don’t pretend to be anyone else. Don’t hide from truth. It just causes worries. Be yourself. Have no enemy. To have it feels uncomfortable and kills your happiness.
9.  be stimulated and get motivated
Have a drive to initiate something better. It challenges your caliber and make you stronger and improved individual. Never cease nor quit. Nothing will happen if you just sit there and wait and wait… you are just wasting you time and your opportunities. Dream and act for your goals.
10.  go to happy places
Don’t lock yourself in an empty room. Don’t be stagnant. Don’t paralyze yourself. Open your self to the world and it will show you your chances. Find happiness with other people, happiness is not only you but all.


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