9 Effective Ways to Impress Your Professor

9 Effective Ways to Impress Your Professor

Ma. Dana Evangelista
1. Greet your professor as he enters the room for the first time. Now that you already know him, greet him when you saw him in the hallway, in the library or at the canteen. “Hi” and “Hello” will do but bear in mind that the greetings should fit the personality of the professor.
2. On his first day on your class, ask him for the title of the book you can use in his class. This will leave an impression that you are eager to learn and that you are interested in his subject.
3. Observe the things he like and he doesn’t in his class. Try to obey his house rules.
4. Don’t disturb him when he is talking.
5. Silence is what teachers usually need. So, learn when to stop talking.
6. Try to absorb all the knowledge he feeds into your mind. Allot a time to study your lessons.
7. Apply what you’ve learn in his subject. He will more likely to appreciate your determination if he saw you discussing thoughts about his subject to your other classmates.
8. Remember to be always presentable in going to school. Observe the proper dress code. Avoid being the center of destruction.
9. Try to perfect his exams.

Mark a G-O-O-D-S-T-A-R-T!


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