Bridgette Servino
Be optimistic…
     Positive outlook in life makes a person live longer, enjoy better health, achieve more, and enjoy life more. Optimism is the facilitator of all the emotional intelligence.
Always smile…
      A pleasant and bright smile attracts good aura. A single smile can inspire every person’s life. It will create a domino effect with the people around you. Smile costs nothing but can change many lives.
Know your strengths…
     Strengths gives self-esteem. These stregnths are used to have a confidence, enough to face the world.
Learn to forgive…
     Forgiveness is essential to have a peace of mind. If you learn to forgive, then you have nothing to worry about.
Aim for a better life…
     Take an interest in self-improvement. Be concerned with ways to make your life better, that will allow you to see opportunities to make it better. Some of those might won’t work out but the ones that do, make your efforts well worth it.
Develop your emotional intelligence…
     Emotional intelligence  develops skills like creativity, flexibility, intuition. If you have a healthy emotional intelligence, you can take things easy.. It will lessen your problems in life and prevents you from emotional disturbance.
Make yourself always in love…
     Being in love doesn’t necessary mean that it refers to an emotional investment with a person. You might be in love with other things that make our life meaningful.
Feed your soul…
     Spiritual aspect serve as a guide of what is right and wrong. This will help you to see the world in brighter side. It would be easy for a person to learn how to accept things in its better side.
Motivate yourself…
      Motivation makes a bright disposition in life.


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