5 Things to remember in Searching for the Truth

5 Things to remember in Searching for the Truth

Arvie Arce
      1.Don’t go quickly with what you’ve seen or heard, for you may never know if there is something beneath.
      2. One of the most important thing to realize in searching for the truth is acceptance, be sure you are ready to face what you’re looking for.
      3. Our senses are helpful in every needs but our instinct will lead us to survival, we are living in a world full of perceptions by others but try to pay more attention in what you percieve, for it might be the one to say what is true.
      4. We might think we’ve found the truth, but ask youself, what makes it true? A truth depends on individuals perception, I may say that’s a lie but you can also say that definitely its true.
      5. Every question leads to an answer, every answer leads to a new discovery, every discovery leads to more questions. Finding the truth is a cycle that started from the beginning of time.


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