Analen Sanchez

1. Start the day right.
2. Utter a simple but sincere prayer before and after starting your busy day.
3. Place God as the center of your life.
4. Live under God’s teachings.
5. Love your family.
6. Respect your fellows.
7. Do good deeds.
8. Collect friends not enemies.
9. Always remember to carry a smile on your face.
10. Count your blessings and share it.
11. Laugh for sometime.
12. Be optimistic.
13. Love your enemies.
14. Forgive those who sinned against you.
15. Release your negative energies through self-meditation.
16. Always keep in touch with your friends.
17. Do not lie.
18. Be content of what you are and what you have.
19. Express what you think and how you feel.
20. Be true to yourself.
21. Share your problems to the one closest to you.
22. Always think that you can overcome your problems.
23. Forget all the bad experiences but not the lessons from it.
24. Accomplish all your scheduled tasks.
25. Do not set very high expectations.
26. If there is a chance, glance at your crush.


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