21 Ways to be HAPPY

21 Ways to be HAPPY

Gerald Magno
1. Control Desires
2. Just Get Happier
3. Remember to Feel Very Happy
4. Practice Happiness
5. Talk about Happiness
6. Focus on the Body
7. Go on Vacation!
8. Basic Emotions and Moods Work
9. Believe that you are happier than you actually feel
10. Choose Your Thoughts Wisely
11. See Happiness as the Point of Life
12. Smile Continuously
13. Stay Happy Amidst Sadness
14. Compare Wisely
15. Be Optimistic
16. Choose Happiness over Money
17. Like Yourself and Others
18. Make Happiness Your Success
19. Consider Happiness and Obligation
20. See Happiness as the Highest Good
21. Invest in Relationships


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