15 Ways to be Happy and 5 Simple Ways to Gain Knowledge

Clarence Salazar

15 Ways to be Happy
1. Love and serve GOD.
2. Love yourself.
3. Love you family.
4. Be friendly, treasure your friends.
5. Love even your enemies.
6. Know how to forgive and forget.
7. Learn how to let go and accept things to ease the pains.
8. Know how to admit and correct your mistakes.
9. Learn to say sorry.
10. Know your priorities and set your goals.
11. Make your dreams possible.
12. Don’t let anyone pull you down.
13. Inspire and help others.
14. Be true to yourself.
15. Do what makes you happy.
5 Simple Ways to Gain Knowledge
1. Be observant.
2. Don’t just read the same kind of readings.
3. Don’t limit yourself in the knowledge you have gain from school and from reading books, 4. “Experience is the best teacher.”
5. Don’t be afraid to try new things.


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