13 points of Education

13 points of Education

Emmanuel Nolasco
1. Education starts the moment you become aware that you’re ignorant.
2. Education is universal, everything that exist make us educated.
3. Education is the vehicle to our search of self-actualization.
4. Education builds a strong citizenry that make a strong state.
5. Education makes us whole but excess of it makes us alienated.
6. Education set our minds free but lack of it imprisoned to the reality of the world.
7. Education can be acquired not in our institutionalized schools of thought but un our search for it,
8. Education defines everything, but schooling denies a lot of things.
9. Education can cure the society’s illness but human beings escape from this reality.
10. Education is liberation of yourself and inner thoughts.
11. Education extends through the avenues of our lives but failure of education makes us stupid.
12. Education leads us to be educated but the existing education system failed to achieve.
13. Education rocks the world of the ideals but bore the minds of the stereotypes.



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  2. edbooked Said:

    Wise insight. The shame is that political interference substantiallly hinders the quality of public education throughout the United States.
    Recognizing that education is a life-long pursuit toward improving the quality of one’s life, greater importance needs to be focused on non-college prepartory instruction in public schools. Creativity and critical thinking skills enhance one’s ability to effectively cope with the realities of the global community in which we live. Development of these skills needs to be encouraged. Circumstances and personalities vary, yet sound coping skills facilitate success in every endeavor. Knowledge may be obtained from many sources, including the internet. Successful application of learned skills comes with practice. Perseverance is the key.

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