11 Ways to Attain Happiness: “She, thinks of 11… Happiness!”

11 Ways to Attain Happiness
“She, thinks of 11… Happiness!”

Shiela M. Coderis
1. Love GOD.
2. Know thyself.
3. Value your family as much as you value yourself.
4. Gain valuable and true friends then treasure them the way you treasure family.
5. Look good, feel confident, and be beautiful.
6. Smile. It will show your forever youthfulness.
7. Perform your everyday routine…
( wake up; take a bath; eat breakfast; go to school; chit-chat with friends; eat lunch; go to the mall; go home; eat dinner; sleep…)
8. Little by little, take a step away to fulfill your dreams.
9. Learn how to love and to be loved; learn to get hurt and to be loved again.
10. Don’t take life seriously, just live and enjoy it!
11. Love GOD.


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