10 Ways to be Happy: “Pathway to Bliss”

10 Ways to be Happy
“Pathway to Bliss”

Jezza F. Blastique
1.       Happiness is only for those who do know and love GOD. So, do worship and love HIM.
2.      Forgive and forget. Once you have forgiven, you discover that the real prisoner who has been free is “yourself” and you become happy, free of bitterness.
3.      Never lust for anything because “anger” is the progeny of lust. You can’t do any good when you’re angry, and this hurts you more than anyone else.
4.      Never envy others’ good fortune. Share the happiness they feel instead and you’ll feel that you are blessed to because it’s bliss that is showed upon you.
5.      Vision everything in a positive view, even if it’s really annoying and embarrassing. Just think that they are challenges.
6.      We don’t know if our time here is running out, so its better if we’ll start doing things “good ones” that we’re eager to do, because that will add to our satisfaction.
7.      Cherish the simple but happy moment of your life. All of these compiled up inside you will boom a bunch of greatness that you’ll feel so overwhelmed.
8.      Don’t expect for any good thing to happen because when it doesn’t pop out as expected, it may spoil your good mood and you’ll feel disappointed.
9.      Be yourself. Forcing yourself to become the person you are not will just give you the feeling of uneasiness/ discomfort, which will lead you to feel unsatisfied.
10.   It’s joyful to do exciting and weird stuffs with friends but sometimes try to have yourself as your sole company. It’s healthy doing some soul searching.


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