10 Secrets of Happiness and 10 Tips on Finding Happiness

10 Secrets of Happiness

Ma. Shiela Garcia
Wealth, fame, power, or beauty does not make one happy or unhappy.  They are externals. Happiness comes from within. It is a by-product of an inner condition. If one lives only for personal happiness, he will probably never find it.
Happiness begins with being honest with yourself and learning to understand and accept yourself for who and what you really are. This way you can utilize your strengths and work towards overcoming your weaknesses.
Happiness also means learning to accept our personal circumstances. Some of them can be changed. Others can’t and unless we accept the ones that can’t be changed, we’ll never be happy or content.
Happiness is also having a worthwhile goal … a noble purpose for which to live … something of value to strive for.
To be happy, one also needs to have worthwhile work into which one can put one’s best efforts.  Everybody has some talents, and to find personal fulfillment and happiness, it is important that he discover his gifts, receive adequate training to sharpen them, and find a place to use them.
The happy person also has healthy relationships with other people. The person who lives only for himself is immature and usually very miserable.
To love and be loved is without question one of our greatest needs for happiness. Without love all else in life is meaningless. Once again, however, love comes from within. If we give love we will receive love.
Character and a clear conscience are critical for lasting happiness. To feel forgiven for all the wrongs one has done gives one a deep sense of freedom. Any wrongs therefore, that we have done need to be put right and any impaired relationships resolved. Not only do we need our brother’s forgiveness, but also God’s.
A person who knows how to appreciate the things that surround him finds greater meaning and purpose in life, which leads to true happiness. Pleasurable things need not to be expensive. Sometimes, the more expensive things are, the more they loose their value to bring happiness. Material things usually have limited contribution on a person’s happiness
Happiness is a process, not an event.  Diligently follow the process and happiness/contentment will be the rich reward.
10 Tips on Finding Happiness

 1. Appreciate Blessings. Being aware of the importance of things within an individual’s life plays an important part in becoming happy. An example is thinking that having a car is a blessing. It is important because it can give a sense of freedom on time at work. There is no need to worry for missing the service bus and wait for hours to ride a public bus.
2. Be appreciative. Appreciating everything that is in life can bring contentment. Attaining contentment is happiness.
3. Write a self-improvement list. Make sure that the things that are on the list will give satisfaction within.
 4. Be positive. Remember that good habits attract good things.
 5. Find someone to talk to. Release bad feelings. A trusted friend can help release your bad feelings by sharing those bad feelings with him.
6. Try to eat something when feeling bad. Sometimes, being satisfied with the food you eat helps in releasing stress and bad mood.
 7. Do not worry about outcomes. Stressing yourself in doing something that is not there usually drives the feeling of being anxious and depress.
8.  Be motivated. Motivating yourself to think positively will result to being happy.
 9. Be with friends. Being with friends will help in reducing your stress and provides interaction with others.
10. Go outing. Taking your family to the beach every weekend and playing beach volleyball will help in getting the right mood and having a good start in life.


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