“ 20 Effective Ways to Live Happily Ever After”

“ 20 Effective Ways to Live Happily Ever After”

Josephine Lucero
1. Center God to all your decisions.
2. Be yourself. Stay as you are.
3. Do things that will make you happy.
4. Be close to your family.
5. Be friendly. Find time to be with them and enjoy each others company.
6. Don’t take life seriously. Failures and trials will help you to be stronger. 
7. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes.
8. Stay simple.
9. Don’t think too much. It will make you crazy, just enjoy life.
10. Love your enemies. Forgive others.
11. Always smile.
12. Give time to yourself.
13. Don’t be ashamed to do crazy things. Be confident.
14. Fall in love but in right person, time and place.
15. Be grateful.
16. Be optimistic.
17. Be calm and relax (cool ka lang).
18. Help others. Remember “no man is an island”.
19. Reassess your priorities.
20. Always pray to God. Always remember that god will always be there for you all the time, call him if you need help.


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