50 ways to be happy

50 ways to be happy
joyce r. victorino

1. love yourself
2. breathe deeply and smile every morning
3. be interested with other people
4. think positively
5. develop an effective interpersonal and intrapersonal communication
6. be confident and feel good about yourself
7. exert extra effort to look good physically
8. take a bath more than once a day… hehehe
9. be gentle
10. make failure your friend
11. face your fears
12. have a vision and set your goals
13. dare to dream… big!
14. take all things easily… but seriously…
15. enjoy and love everything you do
16. stay away from trouble
17. treasure your friends
18. do not set limitations
19. take risks
20. prioritize self development, not self fulfillment
21. practice the golden rule
22. put first things first
23. build on you relationships
24. appreciate the value of being sad and alone
25. spend time with yourself
26. do something outrageous
27. have a diary
28. keep a picture of someone that inspires you in your wallet
29. sing loudly while bathing
30. love your family and spend time with them
31. read a lot
32. crack corny and funny jokes
33. reminisce childhood years
34. fall in love… aww!
35. appreciate simple deeds and things
36. do not be materialistic
37. develop and enjoy social life
38. laugh loudly with your friends
39. do not forget your most embarrassing experience
40. fight for what you believe
41. star gaze
42. express what you feel
43. live each day as it was your last
44. eat chocolates and ice cream
45. be mushy sometimes
46. have a friendster account… hehe
47. take a glimpse of your crush once in a while
48. spend leisure time wisely
49. never, never give up
50. do what makes you happy


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