20 ways to be super happyily happy (ehem*)

20 ways to be super happyily happy (ehem*)

Jay-R Lumbo 
1. make friends with anyone you meet.
2. respect the opinions of others
3. be cool and comfy
4. stay fit
5. never loose faith with god
6. show others how much you care
7. love your friends with all your heart without any doubt
8. always smile
9. forget those stupid hassle problems
10. leave all anger and worries behind
11. everyday is  new day so cheer up
12. each day has a new way so why worry
13. share your blessings with those in charity
14. always give thanks for the blessings that you have received
15. be contented in what you have
16. stand infront the mirror and say “i am a beautiful butterfly!”
17. always think positive. not negative.
18. if problem comes just smile and say,”your just a silly problem that deals with my happy life…. is that all youve got?”
19. stand up proud, reach up high..
20. repeat 1 – 20


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