Politics and Mass Media

January 6, 2007 : Saturday 

Politics and Mass Media

Carlo Mayo P. Antalan
If am to run for a government position in the future, there would be things I would like to im improve and develop within my self my singing, dancing, and acting talents. The idea is not vague to not be undestood. The logic is The more you are seen on television, the more you are recognized and the greater are your chances for winning.
Politics and mass media are different and supposed to be separate entities and should stay that way. However, in today’s era, politics is greatly influenced by mass media and vice versa. The entertainment industry becomes the nursery and breeding ground of politician wanna bes. Action star becomes president; news acnchor turns vice president; from basketball player to senator; singer to governor. This is not to belittle the capabilities of these television personalities but to plunge in the chaotic world of politics requires not good looks or entertaining talents. But knowledge and experience on the art of handling people. Looking back on our history, these persons were indeed able to made their way to politics. However, if not dethrown, were not reelected once more. The masses mignt have seen and felt unsatisfaction with regards to their performance. These people failed to last long. On the matter of media influenced by politics, we could not deny the fact that news we hear, especially when has something to do with the government are tampered by those who are seated on the position. A giant television network was alleged to took side during the 2004 presidential elections. This television network was believed to support the candidacy of a presidentiable and her running mates. The result was of course favorable on their side. This action may be called mutualism, a partnership for benefits. In turn, the network could ask favors from those who owe them debt of gratitude. Our supposedly watchdogs and eyes become unreliable source of truthful information.
The latter actions are for us people to decide on. We people must come to realize that superheroes on boobtube are but ordinary people of the real world. Political and economic problems are not knocked out by punches. More than volcanic eruptions and floods news anchors conquer. Cannot be won over by how many shoots you make on the ring. Leaders must be chosen on the basis of their capabilities for it is us who suffer from the wrong decisions we make. And we must always keep an eye on the activities of our government. Be vigilant. Because what we see on television might be no different from fantasy shows, deceiving.


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