A Benevolent Dictator is Preferable to Democracy

December 3, 2006 : Sunday 

A Benevolent Dictator is Preferable to Democracy
(An Average Reasonable Person’s Point of View) 

Kristine Rosales

 Since I was born, I’ve been introduced in a community where one and all has freedom of expression, where each can observe their so- called “rights”. In my eighteen years of existing in this country, I’ve been impervious of several rallies and many political issues of the country. Poignant to say, most of these issues shaped negative fallout.
            When I was a youngster, I don’t know what those people on the streets are doing and what for are those placards and funny and distorted faces of some politicians that they sometimes use to burn. I don’t discern why they scream on the streets and why they get wet or sometimes why I see bloods on their faces or sometimes why some of them get jailed.
I never know how these men play their roles in this society.
            As I grow up, and become open about those things that are connected in politics we have, I begin to understand that politics here will always be an enigma or a problem perhaps.
            On the process of indulging politics, I found out: well, idyllically, I found out that democracy has been the best system since it is for the people, by the people and to the people. No wonder why Philippines have adopted this system after a hundred years of colonization. Now I know why rallies exist because of a simple reason- that they are practicing their “rights”. But as verve goes on, as I let myself observe more about how Philippine politics and government work, I cant help myself but to mumble this: “There is something wrong with democracy or is it really democracy which is off beam? Is it really applicable for us Filipinos?” I began to realize that democracy doesn’t help us to have an ideal politics but rather it tolerates political clash like administration vs. opposition, that also democracy let us to have rampant political killings, that democracy opens the door for some groups to fight against the government like NPA, Abu Sayyaf, MILF of MNLF, that democracy makes us apprehend that in this country, it has never been a solution to alleviate poverty or to make us progressive.
            Democracy would not be a key for the country’s problem. But hey, I am not taken for granted the advantages that democracy has given me. Yes, it lets me put into practice my number of rights as well as letting other people’s right too. And the problem starts here, “How do we practice and interpret democracy?” Look at the situation happened when Proclamation 1017 executed, there are the two sides of the coin. The administration said that it’s just a matter of regulation but the anti’s disagree because they say it is suppression. So which is which? Who is correct?
            I realized that in establishing a system, we have to mull over the characters and personalities of those people who will run, follow and live with that system. I guess, democracy doesn’t fit our characters. We Filipinos have so much faith in our thinking, “masyado tayong nagmamagaling”. We always assert that we are wiser than others, we always note  that we have better ways than other people’s way therefore creating turmoil. We always want to speak and we don’t listen to revere others but care to listen just to negate them. No one wants to follow but everyone wants to lead. That’s how we think, do and speak.  And democracy even tolerates this character, resulting to different twigs to “progress” and of course being confuse of what twig should we take: of what is best.
            I began to grasp that we need a system that can have power over us. We need restraint. A system that can give us a firm decision making and the system that can qualify this is DICTATORSHIP. Yes, dictatorship. We need someone, an intellectual one, that will decide and that will governed to avoid so much “pagmamagaling ng  karamihan”.
            Remember Marcos years? It’s said that the Philippines has its splendid years in his time. We have once became a tiger of Asia, once became a peril, once became economically stable, once who almost reach its peak to success, too bad that Marcos has been removed because of people power, the people no longer have the trust on him. He is very intellectual and there is no doubt about it but then there is something lacking on him: the uprightness, the moral side.
            To make an ideal system of dictatorship, we need someone who is not only intelligent but a person who can be trustful, a person who can get people’s respect: someone who’s benevolent. Ah, yes! A benevolent dictator is what we need. Dictatorship created a bad icon because of the past dictators who are not so good in their characters but observe the economy under this system, the stability of government, the influence and the power. It is irrefutable that dictatorship offers the best outcome and to make it acceptable, we need a benevolent dictator.
            In the end if the day, I firmly believe that dictatorship is preferable to democracy. It might be deplorable at first because of what had happened in the past but try to broaden our way if thinking and later we’ll see that for us Filipinos, we need this. We need a man who will rule and control us, someone who’s intelligent: someone who’s benevolent. Where can we find that someone? Well maybe the one who read this, maybe its YOU.



  1. mj_katie Said:

    thats katie! great…i love you!

  2. Karla Katigbak Said:

    Naniniwala ako na may masama ding epekto ang pagkakaroon ng demokrasya pero may pagkakataon din na maari itong makatulong para sa ikabubuti natin kung sa maayos na paraan natin gagamitin. Sabi nga nila, Lahat may limitasyon at lahat ng sobra masama..
    nice article katie…

  3. wat could i say…. yun eh… parang yung nasa kanta… too much of something is bad enough… naabuso ang demokrasya…

    nice job katie..!

  4. Irene Said:

    I couldn’t agree more… your analysis fit developing countries such as the Philippines.. When we have won our freedom from our colonial masters and when we are on process of building a country from the rudiments of destruction brought by WW II your scenario I thinks is fitted.

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