December 5, 2006 : Tuesday


Emil Samaniego

We talk and talk but nothing happened.
So we shout… one shouts, two shout until we all shout together.
What happened…? Nothing happened.
Except everyone saw that we were already swallowed by this world, we can never escape.
But we persist to shout until some see light from the creep.
Light that boosts them, light that gives hope to our world…
World without oppression, world without sorrow, world without biases to us, unfortunate proletariats…
A world of utopia that we are longing to reach…
One has joked, “why then they just kill themselves… then they will see now, the world that they are longing to reach”.
It is in eternity, in our heaven, a vortex after death, there, there is no more sorrow, injustice, and all that curtails the human bliss…
But, it is dubious; does heaven or hell really exist? A query that lingers in us, a query that confuses us.
That’s why we don’t want to die, we are afraid that there’s nothing there, all blank, worst than living condition.
So we persist to create heaven in this hell world, in which everyone will feed themselves, food for everybody, heaven in its entirety.
Wealth signifies joy, joy to have and joy to ramify things equally to our household.
There’s no more scarcity, nor famine to be afraid of, yes there’s no such thing as tribulation to talk to…
No end of this world, this world will continually exist, abundantly and plentifully!
All we have to do is to work… work since our dawn, until the twilight of our sky.
No more rich and poor, for everyone will work for everybody… everyone is working…
Who is then to boast? For everyone tired, for everyone labored, and for everyone sweated blood.
Labor is all there is, capital, land, and entrepreneurial skill seem to be the second thoughts..
There’s no such thing as scarce resources, ‘we have it all, we can produce by ourselves, we don’t need others to feed us, we don’t need other products, we are content on what we have… rice and corn this morning, rice and corn this evening… so what if rice and corn for eternity!’
‘We are content with ourselves, it’s alright if my sister becomes my wife, if there’s no choice why not, if everyone has already their wives, nothing left for me, except for my crying sister, who is longing for a man like me.’
Ethics? Metaphysics? What are these… ‘All I believe are the things that I see’… but the word that I’m saying is I can’t see, even thinking is I don’t believe in.
“ Why are we alive? I don’t know. What’s the meaning of life? I don’t know. Is there life in the first place? May we know…
Because if I believe in life then I believe in God or Satan. No! there’s no life, life is just a mere sound, evolved into a word, word that has no meaning…(who can tell? tell me). Thing that does actually not exist!
“All I have is this household, a society called utopia… a society of endless resources, happiness, and abundance… But a society that will and maybe will just forever dwell in my mind”…
My Utopia… A society of human desperation.



  1. Karla Katigbak Said:

    Nice work emil!!!

  2. Irene Said:

    aesthetically done, reflections of the mind..

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