Peace of Democracy

December 2, 2006 :  Saturday 

Peace of Democracy

Sheilla Ramos

Since peace is universal, there are so many words that are synonymous  with it  so as there  are so many definitions of the word peace. It is commonly understood to mean the absence of hostilities, violence and chaos.It also includes freedom from disputes, silence, harmonious relations or inner contentment and  serenity. with these definitions,  the question is does democracy really advocates peace?

Political killings, unjustified presidential proclamations and charter change, and the struggle against  terrorism  are the most  discussed  issues  in the
philippines today. the bombing attacks are example of a nationwide threat to the society,it is only one of the instances of our nationwide struggle for peace but let me focused on the small unit of the society such as the barangay and municipal level and most especially the family. If conflicts and misunderstandings on these levels are left unresolved how much more that it is possible to be resolve on the large-scale management – the government per se.

The questions like: am i safe if i step outside of  my door?, should i give too much trust to my friends that they will not going to be the reasion of my bended knees?, are the people surrounding me wont struck me wen i turnd back?, how am i assured that the vehicle i am riding on will not b bombed or are  the malls and other places like the skuls and parks free frm any possible bombing attacks? or, the general question is, am i safe to do and njoy my everyday life here on earth, in this country in partcular? these are  the  questions that bother  us  every morning  that  we opened  our eyes of the  realities of today .

A democratic system of a country  maybe a manifestation  that we  are leaving in a peaceful state but then, wen this democracy s abused as wat is now the philippines s facing of, then the peace of democracy s not really peace for  it is now bcoming  worst . the  power of the people, by the people n for the people s now abused n our status quo as the freedom of speech and of xpressions for instance are abused snce it is now use unsystematically against the state.  Rallies for instance as a way of  feedom of xpression r very much abused bec. the people moblizing a rally are in favor of their own prsonal nterest that they should have gain that power , it is not real voice of the majority of thje people but the voice of only a few hu like to gain  power , popularity  n xposure  n also  a few  hu are unjustified sensitive  that even wen  the state implemented gud laws that will benefit the majority of the people dis few keep on oposng those laws bec. it slightly opposed their principles and ideas so as they tend to mobilizd rallies not only against the law itself but also against the actors of the state.

This is just a manifestation that in todays philippines peace of democracy does not rili  promotes or advocates peace but serves as gridlock n governmnt activities that will benefit the people, and also disunity of the people and thye state in some manners .

Are we rily following the principles of democracy?bec. f we rili follows , we will b concious that in this earth every ryt has a correspondng responsibilty and that there is no absolute democracy…



  1. we really cannot attain peace completely.

    it should start first and foremost within ourselves

  2. kris John Said:

    an evident manifestation of peace is security… and right now the whole country is not in the slightest, on track in providing us security.

    peace would have to be universal and too uthopic..

    yes, it should start from ourselves mismo, inner peace i believe.. and from this a person, with his strong foundation, would be rational enough, and be responsible enough in doing his duty being part of this country…

  3. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    We all know that it’s hard to attain peace. Evils are always present and even indifference. Love, I think, would be the answer to have peace in this world.

    Nice work.

  4. Democracy is for the people to do what they want but this includes obligation and limitations to the extent that it can’t harm other people but some abuse it and this is one of the reason why peace cannot be fully attained.

  5. kristine tyrol Said:

    lam ko n to attain complit peace we need to be mute and deaf..

    in reality we cannot, men are too dynamic.. mdemend iniisip, they are unpredictble…hnggt wlng oneness in thinking alang peace kse ptuloy ang clash

  6. for me… there is no peace in the democracy we had…
    magulo ngayon ang democracy sa atin… parang halo-alo.. dictatorial na democracy…

    democracy + dictatorial = demotorial system

    tama demotorial system ang meron sa atin…

    oo na bulag na ko..

  7. Irene Said:

    These problems mentioned by the author under the guise of democracy made people to wonder if democracy really or can exist.

  8. alicia Said:

    dt ws gr8!!! u now? Ü

    alicia – paris, france

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