Mighty Morphing Political Rangers

November 29, 2006 : Wednesday

Mighty Morphing Political Rangers

Gerald Mesina  “Its Morphing time” power ranger Talong transform, power ranger Kamatis transform!! Galaxy police shaider transform. “Mask rider change “. No wonder these lines are very popular to the children of the past generation and even to the children of this current generation. Superheroes that uses high-tech gadgets to transform to a magical creature. This Phenomenon cause the children to imitate this super heroes but I am just wondering why politicians imitate them too. Do these politicians also possess battle gadgets that enable them to transform to a political butterfly? Do they also perform the funny ritual that these superhero do ? ********************************************************************

Politician A: What the Hell! I am supposed to be the standard bearer of this party! How come that Atty. Ernesto el Poso Negro won the national convention? I deserve to be the presidential candidate!

Politician B: I am very sorry Mr. Senator, the party do like your decision on the issue of charter change. Maybe that is why you lose the national convention.

Politician A: What the hell! Get out of my sight!!!!!!!

After 1 hour

Politician A: Its morphing time! Hello is this the headquarters of the Montesquienism party? This is Senator Karl Thomas Locke. I’m thinking of switching party.

Political Turncoatism

Migratory birds who prompted by a compelling biological instinct to escape, from a political winter of descent or defeat , fly in the search of warmer clime and another sun.

– Claro M. Recto

Political turncoats are really inevitable here in our country that has a multi party system. It is inevitable for a politician to change his party from one to another. In a parliamentary system a political butterfly are punish by the whip and he loses his political career sometimes. In a two party system it is like betting on Erik Morales on the Pacquaio-Morales trilogy, when you switch your party and it will be a total pain for you. The political turncoats are perceive in a two opposite way the first is as a enlighten one by those politicians who accept him or her to their party. While the people from whom this turncoat came perceive him as a traitor and a man without a honor and principle. We really cannot blame these people who want to be a turncoat to their allies, it is their decision and they may have a plan on something else. These political turncoats are perceived as opportunist by others and some perceive them as a liar and a man without sincerity. Senator Richard Gordon creates a bill about the political turncoats and giving them a punishment.

According to the bill any politicians after being chosen to run for on ticket of a party will be considered as a turncoat and should be subjected to penalties. The penalty will depend on the bylaws of the party to which they belong. This Bill provide that the political turncoat should be prohibited from assuming office if he changes party affiliation during the election period; forfeit his office if the elected public officer changes affiliation during his term; be disqualified from running for any elective office in the succeeding elections; and be disqualified from being appointed or from holding any position in any public or government office for three years after the expiration of his current term.

The problems with these political turncoats are they are creating a real bad image to the public causing a step back in the political maturity of our country. Because of this people lose faith on the government and they believe that the country cannot have a leader who will be sincere and serious on his work.

But if we would put our shoes to these political turncoats and analyze their political standings we might do the same way. In our history not all political turncoats end up crying and not all ends up laughing.

Some Mighty Morphing Political Rangers on their battles:

Do you know how and what is the story of how Former President Ramon Magsaysay won the presidency?

This legendary man a former liberal party congressman was appointed as the national defense secretary by the President Elpidio Quirino in year 1950. Many believe that this man was appointed because if his amicable diplomacy to the government of
America. Some people also call him as a “American puppy” because of his very close relation with the officials of the American government. Because of this closeness that he share with the American officials, the American government wants him to be the next president of the
Philippines. But unfortunately he has no chance on winning the national convention of liberal party. The reigning president Elpidio Quirino decides to run for reelection. And it’s like an Iron Mike Tyson versus Botha for the heavyweight championship. This is really frustrating for Magsaysay but he did not give up and instead of being a dog of the liberal party he whisper to his self “It’s MORPHING TIME” He transform form being a Liberal to a nationalist. The result favors Magsaysay and he won the 1953 presidential election. The powerful victory of Magsaysay and his political somersault is now a part of the history

Another is the story on how the legendary Ferdinand Edralin Marcos won the presidential election against Liberal standard bearer Diosdado Macapagal the Macho of the Liberal. Marcos and Magsaysay have a similar situation. Marcos wants to lead the country and be the president but his dream was slash by the declaration of Pres. Macapagal for reelection. Just Like what Magsaysay do Marcos use his power to transform from liberal to a Nationalista. But one thing confuses me which political pose is better to watch? Anyway Marcos won and he crushed the standard bearer of the liberal Macapagal by a landslide victory. Just like what Iron Mike Tyson do with Trevor Berbick in a 1 round KO Marcos won the same way in the election.

Another case is Fidel “Tobacco” Ramos who joined the L.D.P. in 1991 but the bad thing is he loses against speaker Ramon Mitra in the L.D.P. national convention. After a few the days Ramos came out and fly away from the L.D.P. and he said that there is fraud on the selection that is why he creates the LAKAS EDSA, which later known as the LAKAS-NUCD. He became the standard bearer of this party and won the presidential election. These are just some of the political turncoat in our country which create history and shock the Filipino nation.

Switching party is a like committing a suicide and we all know that politics is a Gamble and politicians risk their career on the line to achieve supremacy. Political turncoats should be ended here in our country so that we can achieve a political maturity.



  1. turncoatism in politics? hmmm… balimbing in other words?

    tama… they shoul be apprehended

  2. kris John Said:

    wow mesina, i commend you for such a flawless post… galing tol!! maybe i can compare the world of politics without turncoatism with thw world of DOTA… two party yet you can not change your team the time the start button is clicked… all of this because of the rules of the game……
    now what i’m trying to say that in reality we can, maybe, somehow establish good rules that will prevent another political turncoat….
    its MORPHING time… hehehe

  3. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    Ganda ng post!!!

    Most of the politicians practice political turncoatism. Kung saan sa tingin nila magiging angat ang political career nila eh dun na sila. Kanya-kanyang kapit, parang mga tuko. hehe. Anyway, good job Mesina!

  4. jay-r lumbo Said:

    waaaaaaw ginamitan mo pa ng power rangers!!!!
    your a disgrace!!!! ginamit mo pa yung secret society natin!!!!

    well so much for that… halos lahat naman ng pulitiko eh…

    ganun sila kung san mabango dun sila matindi…

    astig sa post…

  5. katigbak,karla elaine L. Said:

    this article contains a lot of information na ngayon ko lang nalaman like the examples of the turncoaters and I am impressed of the strategy of mesina on how can he relate the title of mighty morphing poltical rangers to his topics…
    Well, good job mesina.

  6. kristine tyrol Said:

    astig tol! being blimbing is inevitable dun s mga taong hu want to stay in power.

    pro kung isa kng ‘superior man’ adj ni confucious s taong ideal well firm k at my pni2ndign..s reality young bloods lkike chiz et al ang pg-asa nten!

  7. Irene santos Said:

    well.. nicely done, turncoats are everywhere

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