“BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER”: Nepotism in Government

December 9, 2006 : Saturday 

“BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER”: Nepotism in Government

Bridgette Servino

     Let us say you are a manager in a company or
simply you have your own business, big enough for you
to hire employees or someone to assist you in managing
your business, you usually prefer to hire someone who
is related to you, maybe by blood or by marriage, or
someone you trust, your friend, instead of somebody
else. The others might be deserving for the position
but because of human instinct, automatically, you will
choose your friend or relative basically to help them
by giving job as a source of their income or because
of debt of gratitude, then you might be guilty of

     Nepotism… Favoring relatives because of their
relationship rather than their ability and merit. It
is very commonly used as a word describing
‘connection’ that allows anyone to obtain a certain
job. In the Philippines, it is known as “Compadre
System” in terms of economic and employment. Nepotism
creates problem, it is a common accusation in politics
when the relative of a powerful figure ascends to
similar power seemingly without appropriate
qualifications. nepotism is synonymous to succession.
In government, nepotism results to political dynasties
that constraints other more better employees to be
productive one. This also results to corruption
because of self interest, under the table
negotiations, illegal protection due to debt of
gratitude and other political crimes leading to claims
of conflict of interest, favoritism, and
discrimination. yes, it is true that blood is thicker
than water but it doesn’t mean that it is always
right. An ordinary employee, trustworthy and deserve
to be promoted suffers and choose to be silent and not
to speak out to avoid conflict within the company or

     The thing is where is the fairness? What is the
essence of merit and fitness if nepotism dominates in
the government? Because of this injustice kin
selection, it lowers the morale of the government as
well as the productivity of the whole country. If
that’s the name of the game, then what’s the use of
studying? Establishing your credibility? Your
accomplishments? Where is the fair game? Everyone
should have the opportunity to make a better life for
themselves, then everyone should be equally given the
chance and choices. There’s nothing wrong in hiring
relatives in high office but of course, make sure that
their qualifications are not questionable. Because of
favoritism, every mechanism of the government is at



  1. dana evangelista Said:

    yes… i symphatize with the author’s opinion. we should really exercise fairness in our government, because how could we work with perseverance if in the future we can’t get the promotion or recognition that we wanted. xempre nakakawalang-gana nga naman yun. nag-aaral tayo ng puspusan tapos sa huli, dahil wala tayong kakilala or “kapit”, hindi pa rin tayo makakapagtrabaho.
    parang nagiging kultura na itong nepotism sa atin ah. nakakasanayan ng nakakasanayan. tingnan natin sa future baka maging legal na to.

  2. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    Siyempre hindi nawawala diyan ung tinatawag na ‘utang na loob’ sa mga kapamilya. At syempre tutulungan mo ung mga kapamilya mo anuman ang mangyari. Pag hindi mo naman matulungan sasabihin pa syo ‘ang langaw pagnanatungtong sa kalabaw akala mo kung sino na’. So I can’t blame them for helping their kapamilyas but I also oppose that kind of helping them kasi kawawa naman ung taong may kakayahan eh siya ung hindi natatangap sa trabaho. Kaya dapat fair tayo.

  3. Irene Said:

    Yap they say in government it doesn’t matter what you know it is who you know…it is just one of the spoils of a fraud government!!!!!

  4. katigbak,karla elaine L. Said:

    Go brigette! I agree with you… In the philippines “palakasan” is always there if you’re applying for a job lalo na kapag sa gobyerno..

  5. Ma.Lilibeth F.Javines Said:

    hi!!i was such an intruder here…haha!!Nepotism in the Philippine government…i just want to make some sort of comments out of the author’s article…..

    “Because of this injustice kin
    selection, it lowers the morale of the government as
    well as the productivity of the whole country”

    well,i must say that it was one of the roots of political turmoil and incompetencies of our country.But let us not talk as if the Philippine government was the worst around the globe….Haiti and Congo were at the top rank when it comes to corruption my dear…Why do you think we still have the Civil Service Commission?(which, for me is not a dead agency)…The said agency screens all public servants “to-be”.So I disagree with the author in saying the above statement.

  6. jay-r lumbo Said:

    abay siyempre naman beybe… dapat lahat fair…

    pansin ko lang maerong mga times sa government na porket ito si atty. tigidong malakas kay mayor curacha kaya dapat ganun at ganun

    uso kasi sa atin masyado ang word na palakasan hay buhay nga naman……

    nice work bridgette(tulay maliit)

  7. kristine tyrol Said:

    nah.. it dpends to a person, but i admit if i am in the position 1st choice ko ung kmgank ko but then kung on the basis of testing his/her capblity tpos wla xang kwenta,care ko kung kmgank ko xa,,,insulto din ksi un saken at my kmgank akong gnun.

  8. angel ve Said:

    tama??ba yun??

    na lge n ting sasang a u nan ang mepotism na pangungugali????

  9. angel ve Said:

    tama??ba yun??

    na lge n ting sasang a u nan ang nepotism?

    na pangungugali????

    d lng nmn ta u mg ddpin d sa kanila ha???

    mgsikap ka u pra guminhawa.

  10. diwata Said:

    kawawa naman yung mga taong nagsisikap pero di sila nabibigyan ng pagkakataon maiangat ang antas nila bec. of nepotism. sana mabigyan pansin ng civil service ang ganitong mga isyu since accdg to code of conduct article 8,merong batas laban dito.meron po bag solusyon?

  11. Lourdes Tolentino Said:

    i agree with the author and that’s also one of the issue i’m complaining about with DILG against our Punong Barangay who is senseless, thoughtless and ill judge in appointing a Barangay Treasurer who is related to him by affinity and was only compelled to replaced because of my complaint but unfortunately, to my dissappointments, appointed the sister of the said relative by affinity who is an elementary graduate for the position of a Barangay Treasurer considering the task of a BT is mainly fund management and requires bookkeeping. If the Civil Service Commission screens all public servants to be accdg. to Ms. Javines, why is it that appointed brgy. officials doesn’t have any qualifictions in the Local Gov’t Code espcly. for Brgy. Treasurer? Truth be told, appointees are put to office merely by virtue of political accommodation in spite of the fact that the person so appointed lacks qualifications or totally inexperienced for public position.

  12. ok lang cgurong may kapit ka para makapasok, basta sana qualified naman at kayang iprove na deserving sya sa position na binigay sa kanya

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