Ethics in Politics

November 27, 2006 : Monday 

Ethics in Politics

Marinelle O. Magsino      

The very first thing that snapped up in my mind is “Is there ethics in politics in our Philippine society today”. As I observed and witness our everyday life, young as I am, I could discern that there is something wrong with the kind of politics we have in our country. All I know, politics is good and is a noble enterprise but all I see is different. Most of those who are dealing and serving in public office (few are still good) specially those holding key position in the government, capitalized on their position for their own private and personal advantage, their vested interest is their main goal. Well in position they corrupt public funds and make use of it to satisfy their whims and caprices. They even corrupt in the other people around them “Sabi nga nila, pana-panahon lang ito. Kaya kung nasa posisyon sasamantalahin ang kanilang pagkakataon”.       On the other hand, holding major position in the government is not easy to achieve. One must enter into politics and deal with people of all walks of life. The thought of accumulating wealth and power when in position is the strong temptation where is most of the aspirant will do all means just to win the election. Candidates must prepare wholesome logistics either public funds, private or personal wealth to buy voters (majority of whom are those trapped in grinding poverty), leaders, candidates for minor position, corrupt sectors of the media and the system of money politics that actually determine the results of the elections. We all crave to have good, honest and god-loving leaders but most of us are vulnerable and induce to elect corrupt, dishonest, self-vested leaders who pretended honest, kind and dignified person. Where is our moral? Where is ethics in politics?      Philippine society today is one in which wealth, power and prestige are concentrated in the hands of a few. I hate to conclude but this maybe the outcome of having no ethics in politics in our society nowadays.



  1. oo nga noh… bakit kung sino pa yung tinitingala nating mga pinuno sila pa yung nakukulangan sa ‘ethics’?

    pero xempre hindi naman magandang palagi na lang natin silang chinecheck. dapat we should also monitor our actions

    kung wala man silang ethics at least, we’re trying

  2. jay-r lumbp Said:

    dapat talagang makitaan ng tinatawag na ethics ang mga taong “tinitingala” natin

    kasi sila yung mga tinatawag na “role model” ehem….

    nice work manel….

  3. You’re right! kunti na lang ang may ethics sa politika at bibihira na lang ito…
    kaya kapag dumating ang botohan ay dapat think wisely dahil tayo rin ang maaapektuhan ..

  4. Irene Said:

    What does it mean to have ethics in politics? When you are moral does it mean you will be ethical? or perhaps when you are religous does it mean you will be ethical??

  5. pikeyboss Said:

    wapakels… i’ve loved a woman with all my heart and soul…

    and im contented.

  6. general adrian Said:

    nasan kna manel????

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