Graft and Corruption

Graft and Corruption

by: Joy Lucero


            Graft and corruption is a problem of the past, present and future public administrators, but with this article we have a grasp of things that actually happens in and out public offices. We cannot deny the fact that most if not all officials as well as rank and file employees are grafters and corruptors.

            Graft and corruption is a rampant and wide malpractice among government agencies whether in the national, local, government-owned, or controlled cooperation’s. It is already a part of our culture, a bad habit, and foremost and among others, it is deeply rooted and embedded among the Filipinos.

            Graft and corruption is one of many important and unresolved problems of a public administrator. Government officials are ruined by different kinds of people from elective to appointed, from permanent or regular to casuals, substitutes and contractual. They also differ in their skills, talents, personality, economic strata and values as a whole. Their needs depends to what position they actually hold, be it pure clerical to a money involved position that can abets graft and corruption.

            Graft is the acquisition of money, position, etc by dishonest or questionable means, by taking advantage of public officer to obtain fees, perquisites, profits on contracts or legislation, or pay for work not done, or service not performed. It is singly committed.

            Corruption is an improper consideration to commit a violation of duty, impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle. It is done in collusion with others.

            I therefore conclude that graft and corruption nowadays is relevant and widely practiced in and out of government offices, and that it is also rampant and already a system that cannot be eradicated overnight.

            During the martial law period in the Marcos regime, it is evidently stopped or partly succeeded in the first three years (1972-1975), but once again, officials as well as employees go backsliding to the old ways. They do abuse of discretion and power, arrogance, aloofness as well as discourtesy in the performance of their duty.

            And lastly, it is a form of way to acquire more wealth by conspiring with each other. This is done by merely cooperating with the heads of various departments and offices that are also corrupt.

            There is a saying that “it is better to dance with the music” if you want to stay in your post. For if you don’t, chances are if the majority who are corrupt might get irritated with you, then there will time that they will find ways to terminate your services. Or if your not happy with the system, then, its time for you to resign and complain them.

            So the impressions now for the government workers are that they are labeled and branded, grafters and corruptors. Even if the leadership is honest and dedicated to the people, if the people around him are corrupt, then there is no chance in the political situation. We only dressed the crocodile with the new suit.   





  1. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    Panahon pa ni Pilato, uso na ang graft and corruption. Hindi na natin maiaalis sa ating sistema ang ganyang kaso. Sa mundong ito, kanya-kanya ang diskarte, by hook or by crook ika nga.

    Sa tingin ko, hindi lang mga opisyal ng gobyerno ang may ganitong sistema, pati ang mga nasa rank and file ay may ganitong uri rin ng sistema.

  2. jay-r lumbo Said:

    graft and corruption… kapag naririnig ko ang salitang yun, lumalabas pumapasok saakingisipan ang isang bulkang nag-eerupt… siguro dahil sa ka rhyme ng corruption ang erruption… panahon pa ni kopong-kopong yan ika nga ng matatandang tambay sa kanto malapit sa amin…

    siguro sadyang hindi na natin maalis ang graft and erruption sa ating bayan… pishting yaaa…. siguro dapat yung mga mapatunayang mag corrupt, tanggalin na lang wala ng sasabi-sabi…

    • julivier Said:

      mas maganda patayin lahat
      ng mahuhuli maraming tao
      ang nagugutum tapos
      silang mga inaasahan
      sila pang nag bubulsa ng kaban ng

      • james Said:

        dpat lng mg2lungan tayo!

      • Mr. Knight Said:

        wag nmn din.. gagawa taayo ng karapat dapat at hindi labag sa batas……
        kasi tao din yan sila eh gahaman at buaya lng..

  3. manelle Said:

    Graft & coruption is one trade of our politics

    that I think cannot suppress by anybody…..

    But it can be lessen if we choose a good

    politician to lead us….hahaha

    We can found it at BPS!!!!!!

  4. ralph julious villamor Said:

    “we only dress the crocodile new siut” this is siperb, siple yet very witty!!

    peeepz.. g&c is indeed very NATURAL!!

    even the rich countries cant avoid this stuff. in fat they doesnt feel that they are being robbed.

    but in our case, being a ‘developing country’ as what they call us,, every million counts, u’ll even spare your job for this amount. so if pliticians rob, even just a hundred thousand, its a big damn thing..

    aside from that, our politicians are getting only a speck of reward in doing a job not a single person would want if he’s on the right mind. so for this reason, they resort in getting what they want illegaly.

    kaya pag aging politiko aq,,

    heheh alam na.

    bigyan kita wag ka lang maingay huh.

    nice joy, este aera!

  5. kris john Said:

    Sometimes we are just


    because after all we are just


    im not saying that Graft and corruption is a human nature, but being creative and resorting to the anti-norm thing is…

    politics practiced here in the philippines is really a gme of strong will and great conscience, and ewan ko ba kung me ganito?…

    nice post… hehehe…
    basta ako i believe that humans are too rational…

  6. arjay Said:

    galing ng mga nagcomment!.. tama nmn un, nkadikit na nga sa atin un, at maging sa ibang bahagi ng mundo, baka nga pati sa outer space. hehe… cguro isang factor ni2 ung walang katapusang pagkagusto ng tao sa mga bagay2.. well anyways, mgnda po ung article, d 2lad ng sa kin.. =)

  7. Irene Said:

    Just want to speculate ok???? Is there any government existing that is not corrupt at some point or another??? as a matter of fact many rich countries have high percentage of corruption..I’m not saying that corruption is good but what out of the box solution can you give to lessen its effect?????

  8. claudette Said:

    asa pa tayo na mwawala yang graft and corruption simula ipanganak ka meron na nyan kaya mamamatay ka rin ng ganito na talaga…its either u join them or choose the right way para somehow mabawasan ang lahi ng mga yan na nagpapahirap sa atin..d b asar yon kz yung ibang tao they’r doing their part to help our country to be progressive kaso yung iba naman pasarap sa buhay..kainis minsan sinasabi ko mamamatay rin yang mga tao na yan but then naisip ko may mga bagong ipapanganak na baka maging kagaya rin nila so wala rin..

  9. melanie aldeon Said:

    sa lahat naman ng bansa my corruption, cgro ung s iba very discrete nga lng…
    hindi na yata mwwla sa atin yan, hay…
    “f u cnt beat them, join them”,hehe..nah, im jst kidding!

    sna mn lng kaht malessen xa, ok na,,

  10. corruption? such an inevitable thing

  11. katigbak, karla Elaine L. Said:

    Sa tingin ko, totoong nasa kultura na ng gobyerno natin ang graft and corruption na yan… pero kung gugustuhin kaya namang alisin
    Corruption ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit humihirap ang mga pilipino at pumapangit ang imahe ng pilipinas sa ibang bansa…

  12. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    yah…di na lumang issue yan….kaakibat n ng TRAPOs ang salitang graft & corruption….one more reason why graft & corruption still rampantis that our country ispoor…gaya nga ng nkalagay sa artiocle mo..ang iba ay napipilitan dahil na nga ayaw nila mawala sakanilang puwesto…..yang mga grafters & corruptors ang dapat alisin sa ating bansa…isa lamang ssilang salot at kanser sa ating bansa….and one more…our government should be strict on the laws…kaya sila nakakalusot eh dahil napaluwag sa kanila ngpag iimplement ng batas…
    nice article….

    • julivier Said:

      maybe we need again the people power
      pero hinde narin kilangan pa wala
      rin magagawa yun allthough napaalis nga yung pinag hihinalaan nating nangungurakot eh paano kung
      yung ipalit naman natin ay sya rin palang
      gahaman sa pera wala din ang kilangan natin
      gawin wag na muna tayung umasa sa pamahalaan
      tayo mismo ang kumilos para sa ikauunlad natin
      hinde naman talaga kasi ang pamahalaan
      ang talagang nAg papahirap sa atin kundi tayo rin mismo
      alam na nga nating walang ginagawa ang pamahalaan sa ika
      uunlad natin pati ba naman tayo wala pa ring gagawin
      kaya lalo tayong humihirap kaya gawin natin ang
      tama wag tayong asa ng asa

      payo lang po walang personalan

      • rico Said:

        may tama ka.

      • Tony Mamac Said:

        Right. Gawin ang Tama, Dahil yan ang Tamang Gawin. Do the right thing because it is the righting to do. Tony Mamac, Gawin ang Tama Movement.

  13. salome saro Said:

    cenxa na ngaun lang nkblik…
    now i knw the diffrence

    hai… lagi na lng walang tyong assurance that those we elect woul not engage in malpractice ehhhhh,,,,,,,,

    sana lang matakot sila sa karma!!!!!!!!!!!!

    labanan ang mga corrupt at grapo sapamahalaan!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  14. kristine tyrol Said:

    srp kyng mdmeng pera esp ala kng pinghirpn… s mhi2rp n bns lng nmn big deal ang corruption e, kla nyo b s germny uk at usa ala korupsyon?
    meron po at tlmk pro hindi big deal.

    wat am i tryin to pt out hindi n maalis ang korupsyon hnggt my pwdng ikorup.its a temptation eh

    pro ang isyu kse d2 kung big deal o hindi..s isng mymng tao di big deal n mnkwn xa ng 1000 piso pro s mhirp ikgglit nya ito

  15. joan Said:

    i lahat ng sinabi mo..lalo na sa pulitika..naku, marurumi maglaro yan.harap-harapan pa, malaki rin nga ang possibilities na pati yung mga honest government officials ay mabahiran na rin ng korupsyon dahil sa mga benepisyo na maaari nitong ibigay sa kanila o kaya naman ay mamuo ang takot na maaari silang i-terminate sa pwesto sa iba’t-ibang paraan gaya na lamang ng pang-aambush o ilagay sa peligro ang kani-kanilang mga pamilya. marahil wala na yang solusyon..
    hindi sa nagpapakanegatibo kaya lang, maipapasa’t maipapasa yan sa mga susunod na henerasyon

    • Tony Mamac Said:

      Ang mga pulitikong di dapat ay parang mga anghel galing sa langit bababa sa lupa ang babait lalo na pag panahon ng election. Kung ano ano binibigay sa mga tao, tent, nagpapakain, nagbubunot ng ngipin, nagpapakain sa mga mamahaling restaurant. Hindi ito ang sagot sa mga problema ng taong bayan. Kailangan mga konkreto atseryosong programa at pang matagalan. Gawin ang tama movement. Tony Mamac.

  16. reynaldo Said:

    madumi na nga masyado ang laranagan ng pulitika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAK??!!kaya nga wala na kung tiwala sa ibang pulitiko!!bleeh!!palit nalang ko ug pitok pitok wonder lana!!!

  17. SaRaH jAnE Said:

    Wel, graft and crruption….kpg nri2xnig q yn pmpsok s isip q ang kahirapan ng bansa at mga tao n di kontento kung anu ang meron s kanila..lalo silang ngppyaman smntlang lalo amn humihirap ang iba….how sad..bawat tao kylngan ng discipline..!!!yah..

  18. ISISian Said:

    Ma’am, have you ever been a teacher in Mindanao?

  19. Joevany A. Mabuhay Jr. Said:

    According to some experts, Graft and corruption are the acquisition of gain through misuse of power and influence. it is the destruction of integrity in discharging public duties and responsibilities. In order to eliminate this kind of negative bureaucratic behaviors, isa lang ang kelangan nating gawin at yun ay ang pagkakaroon ng self-discipline and self-control and most of all, Godfearing. Pag meron tayo nito, maiiwasan natin ang paggawa ng mga bagay-bagay na hindi naaayon sa batas ng tao at sa batas ng Diyos. Maraming salamat po…………………………………….

  20. kent Said:

    fuck your flag and fuck your government
    {punx and skin hnite and win}

  21. bhelat Said:

    nakuh tame kaung lhat..they should not abuse qng anun mang position ung meron sila ngaun..kya lng nmn cla npunta s gnung pwesto eh dhl n dn s mga tong byan kya dpat wag nila ung abusuhin..

  22. mae ann ramirez Said:

    ……let say…. normal na ang gani2, but still pwd pang iwasan”
    ..wag sanang maclaw sa pera ang mga pipol here sa earth.” sana lahat ng tao pwd ng pagkatwlaan……….. bleeeeeeee… serious mater keu uie… ajek2…… good luck.. mwuahhhhhhhh/

  23. jerome baricaua Said:

    we must first reflect on ourselves b4 we react on the malpractice in our govt right now.why?because the root of graft and corruption is human selfishness and greediness!.if we can possibly change this kind of attitude or at least lessen it then for sure there would be much better govt in next generation.

  24. joyce Said:

    graft and corruption is already one of the traits of filipino.and it is miracle if there is one political leader didn’t corrupt in this nation.

  25. celelou Said:

    nakakasilaw tlaga pag nasaharap u na ang pera!!!!nakakalimotan na kung ano ang magiging karma…kung ang mahirap ang mag nakaw nakakaintindi ka pa…necessity comes knows no law ika nga.Pero ang di ko lang miintindihan kung sino pa ang may pera at kapangyarihan sila pa ang mas malala!!!!

  26. christy Said:

    yah kailangan din natin na miron tayong alam kung ano ang graft cor.kasi ito ay naka salalay sa atin sabi pa nila na kailangan na mari tayong alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin nang graft co.kasi ito ay part sa SOCSCI.natin ngaun sa mga student sa SOCSCI.At sia ka kailangan din natin mag darasal sa panginoong dios kasi hindi natin alam kung kailan darating ating mahal na panginoong dios.ito lang ang ma sasabi ko. ., . . . ,. . . , . . , . , . ,?

  27. lea mae palo Said:

    graft and corruption is considered as the biggest problem among the problems of our country and i think no one can give solution to it except yourself..sabi nga nila ang pagbabago ay dapat magsimula sa sarili.It takes one candle to light the night, meaning eveyone must live and lead as an example and for sure anothere will follow you until all of us in this world will follow..di ba bongga..
    “what makes 100% of your life?”……….ATTITUDE,,thats it,ATTITUDE is the best medicine for graft and corruption…

  28. 2we Said:

    para sakin ang corruption i normal nalang sa mga mamamayan dahil lahat nang bansa ay may corruption kaya hindi na ako na shashock kapag may mga balitang corruption lahat naman cguro tumatakbo bilang pangulo oh ano mang position sa pamahalaan ay ang pakay lamang ay ang makakuha lang nang pera sa ating mga mamamayan thats all hahha

  29. crist Said:

    history repeat itself lang ang nangyayari sa twing humahanap sila ng solusyon kasi takot silang hulihin o patalsikin ang mga taong nasa likod nito kahit na alam nila kung sinu-sino sila…hahaha

  30. Mark Plotado Said:

    zero solution !

  31. hasil joy Said:

    kaugnay ng graft and corruption ay ang pagkawasak ng future ng mga kabataan, lalo na sa hinaharap…. na
    babawasan ang budget na imbes para sa edukasyon ay binubulsa ng iilang nakaupo sa pamahalaan…. sana’y isipn nila ang edukasyon para sa mga kabataan dahil ang kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan

  32. jamaica Said:

    We really dont avoid the corruption in this world,

    because we all know that

    the evil is always their, we can be able to stop those bad thing if we cant remove RESPECT:)

  33. Faith Angeline Española Said:

    ,i agreE . ! It became as our culture. .

  34. …as a part of our culture,di na siguro mawawala sa ating mga pinoy ang ganitong classing ugali…but i believed that we can minimize graft and corruption starting through our selves if we have fare in GOD, self respect and respect to others…..

  35. …as a part of our culture,di na siguro mawawala sa ating mga pinoy ang ganitong classing ugali…but i believed that we can minimize graft and corruption starting through our selves if we have fare in GOD, self respect and respect for

  36. kamille francisco Said:

    I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

    haha 🙂

  37. zel Said:

    hello Ms. Joy. gumagawa po kasi kami ng Documentary. pwede po ba namin gamitin itong article nyo? Ilalagay na lang po namin yung pangalan nyo? salmat po ma’am:))

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