Presidential and Parliamentary system: a comparison

Presidential and Parliamentary system: a comparison

by: Karla Katigbak

          Philippines is now facing challenges on what system of government can make a proggressive country. For you, is it a Parliamentary or a Presidential system?
          Parliamentary system is distinguished by the executive branch of government being dependent on the direct or indirect support of the parliament often expressed through a vote of confidence. A parliament is a legislative. The name is derived from the french parliament, the action of parler (to speak) in parliament is a talk, a discussion, hence a meeting where people discuss matters of parliamentary government. The authority is vested in a parliament and there is no clear cut in separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches, leading to a lack of the checks and balances found in a presidential republic. In a parliamentary system, people vote the members of the parliament and from the members of the parliament they will vote for their prime minister and the vote of no confidence can be done by the members of the parliament if they thought that the prime minister is not capable enough to lead. There are many advantages of a parliamentary systyem. First is that it is easierand quicker to to pass legislation with in a parliamentary system. This is because the executive branch is dependent upon the direct or indirect support of the legislative branch and often includes members of the legislative. Second, the World bank study found that parliamentary systems are associated with lower corruptions. Lastly, parties in parliamentary system have had much tighter idelogy than in presidential system.There are also criticism of parliamentarism and the main criticism of many parliamentary system is that the head of the government cannot be directly voted by the people. In presidential system, the presidents is directly chosen by the people , or by a set of electors directly chosen by the people but in a parliamentary system the prime minister is elected by the party leadership. There are also many kinds of parliamentary system like the British Parliament which is often referred to as the ” Mother of Parliaments”. It is from England and it is the model form of other paraliamentary system.
          Presidential system, also called a congresional system, is a system of government where the executive branch exists and presides supports from the legislative. There are many characteristics of a presidential system of goverment. One is that the president is both the head of state and the government and he/she has a fixed term of office. The president has also the power to pardon or commute sentences of convicted criminals and he/she is directly elected by the people. The president can be removed from office through the process of impeachment. There are also criticism in a presidential system like it is not constitutionally stable that’s why it has tendency towards authoritarianism. It is also difficult to remove an unsuitable president from office before his/her term has expired. In a presidential system, the president usually has special privileges in the enactment of legislation, namely the possession of a power of veto over legislation of bills. In the enactment of legislation, the president has the power to directly propose laws or cast or vote on legislation. The central principle in presidential system is that the difference between legislative and executive branches of government. The executive, legislative and judiciary are performing their own duty and this is the separation of power but they must check each other to make sure if the other branches is performing their job properly and this is the check and balance.
          There are many difference between parliamentary and presidential system and they have their own disadvantages and advantages. Some of our government officials are pursuing for presidential to parliament and others are contented. But still the question is what is the best for our country and for the people? For me, any system will do as long as it will benefit the people. Any system can make our life better , the real problem is the character of our government officials.



  1. dana evangelista Said:

    para sa akin, maayos naman ang sistema natin. ang mali ay ang mga taong nagpapakilos. ang ganda-ganda ng konstitusyon natin, sobrang makatao nga eh. ang mali lang sobrang nababalewala. mapa-presidential man yan o parliament, tingin mo ba may pagbabago kung ang mga nasa likod nito ay pare-pareho lang?

    • ou nga tama kah peo mas tama yung nag published nito na kahit alin ang piliin basta mga tao ang nagbe2nefit!!!!!!!!!!

      • LEZDOTHIS Said:

        Our system SHOULD be changed. If you look at it closely, popularity contest ang pag-elect sa presidente natin. Pero sa parliamentary, merong shadow cabinet na titingnan ang lahat ng galaw ng
        acting cabinet, napakagaling ng sistema.

  2. i’m pro federalism but i’m not really all over parliamentary system…

    with our type of political peeps, parliamentary wont work….

    presidential is not working since our presidential system needs refining and fine tuning for current times.

    our political system was heavilly patterned after the american’s (except for the federal eklavoo since we were suppposed to be a state of the USA..)

    i agree that the system is the one who’s supposed to be blamed, but it doesnt mean that we have to change it completely… we have to find the loopholes and fill it up with reinforced concrete, so stubborn politicaians cant break them.

  3. Kris John Said:

    If i were ask to choose i’ll really go for federalism but just like richard not totaly to parliamentary…

    but really, should we blame the system?

    or maybe the people right?…

    for me… the system and the people should go hand in hand… parang ang ideal no? at ang hirap matupad…

  4. Gerald Valhet Mesina Said:

    I dont think taht parliamentary form will work effectively in our government or in the philippine setting knowing the fact that almost all the polirticians here in the country do not value their own principle and taht most of them are known as political turncoats …………..

    In a Parliamentary system the competion is very strict and the people wil bge protected by differnt parties who wish for thr benefit of the people or for the private benefit ….

    But the question is this when we adapt the parliamentary form of government will this Politicians fight each other to be able to maintain transparency and accountabilitry or they will conceal the blunders and negligence of each other .

    But in how this form of govenment operates is very good but we need assurance and security here in our country ….


  5. lea baluyot Said:

    I think the system does not matter. No matter how good the system it is, if the people in it will only abuse their powers its useless.

  6. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    When I attended a forum on charter change, a shift of presidential government to parliamentary system of government, I heard someone who said that we don’t really need to change the government itself. There’s nothing wrong with the system, but its the people who runs the system. “Ang cha-cha ay hindi charter change kundi character change!!!”

    Well, so far I think that cha-cha is really for character change. Presidential form of government suits for the country. I mean, again there’s nothing wrong with the presidential form of gov’t. A shift may cause the government to bug down. Maganda ang systema ng gobyerno dahil ang ating konstitusyon ay makatao at makabayan ang tema.

    Nice karla!!!

  7. jay-r lumbo Said:

    kahit ano pa mangh sistema iyan. walang mangyayari kung inaabuso ng isang lider ang kanilang powers… hindi naman sila power rangerswala naman silang megazords… ang pinaka-cute na gawin ng mga nasa pwesto ay magsilbi ng buong puso sa mamamayan. dahil walang kwenta ang isang sistema kung, sorry for the word madam president, kung bulok ang pamamalakad ng nakaluklok sa pwesto…

    nice mahusay na article….

  8. emil samaniego Said:

    I am pro parliamentary and federalism in this country. I am not afraid to change, there should be a change.

    However, para sa kin ang sistema pa rin ang may problema, kasi halimbawa, ang mga politicians nature na sa kanila na magnakaw (karamihan sa kanila) ngunit kahit ang magnanakaw kahit gusto niyang magnakaw kung may matibay namang sistema ng batas ay hindi rin sila makakapagnakaw, kaya we need the system. AND BECAUSE I DONT BELIEVE NA MAPAPALITAN ANG MGA TRAPO SA GOBYERNO, ALMOST A CENTURY NA SILA SA GOBYERNO. however, yeah ideally the people and the system should work hand in hand.

    • Violy Relf Said:

      Hi I’m totally pro parliamentary, I say that because here in England it’s completely in ORDER, there’s the SHADOWS they called that OPPOSES to the bills if not appropriate and the vote of no confident to legislates before they pass this to their constituents, I must say PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM can be effective because there is TRANPARENCY AND EVERY NETIZENS OF ITS REGIONS MUST HAVE A SAY TO HIS, HER CONSTITUENCY LEADER FOR EVERY MATTERS NEEDS DISCUSSIONS AND A VOTE ON THAT MATTER SHOULD BE MAJORITIES BEFORE IT GOES TO THE PARLIAMENT

  9. cmdr.rommal medoza Said:

    im pro for parliamentary system but in the attitude of our politicians today,i can say,parliamentary system is a way for monotomy of politics

  10. arjay Said:

    within comparison to both government, parehong pwdeng maging effective ang isang bansa, as long as the laws or rules are being governed properly. pero sa atin, nakikita kong npakahirap ipatupad ng kahit na anong batas. kahit nga mga cmpleng rules lang wla ng mkasunod eh..

  11. Irene Said:

    I think as Deng xiaoping said i don’t care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the rat.. any system will do but don’t get me wrong in saying this, a good political structure cannot supply life to itself neither can a good leader move through an illogical structure and political hierarchy…. one cannot cannot live without the other PA101

  12. claudette Said:

    it is not the system it is the people who governs and the people governed who’s really important here. kz im sure its not that easy to rule though u got the power and influence still u have to have the people’s support and trust to be able to run the government effectively.

  13. melanie aldeon Said:

    hindi nmn kc system ung problema sa atin eh kundi ung mga taong namumuno!!!
    d n kailangan pang palitan ang form ng government, dpt palitan ung mga official na “bulok” ang sistema!

  14. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    yah right…any gov’t system will do…as long as the people governing are good and trustworthy….sabi nga sa news noong nakaraang araw…CHAracter CHAnge ang dapat mangyari…dahil kahit matuloy ang CHArter CHAnge and ung mga TRAPOs pa rin mamumuno…well malauangpagunlad…
    ei..sana mas niliagyan moh pa ng own comment…but its nice…

  15. salome saro Said:

    cenxa na ngaun lang nkblik…
    parang si sir sanjay lng n nglelesson ahhhh….

    sana may sistema rin ng pagbabago ng mismong politico nohhh…

    masunod nmn kaya nila………

    ge na nga… presidential at prliamentry n lng…

  16. kristine tyrol Said:

    s to2o lng ala nmn akon pkelm kung prliament yn o presdntial di kc ko nni2wl n ung 2 to ung best s state nten…im an advocte of dicttorship!

  17. Very interesting site… I wish I could build one like yours!nancy

  18. Givah Said:

    we all know that the only constant thing in this world is change, so, malay natin baka successful ang parliamentary system sa ating bansa. At sa nakikita ko, ang mga bansang may parliamentary form of government ay mauunlad naman,… panahon na siguro upang magkaroon ng bagong simula.

  19. darell Said:

    well im not aware of this things but since this thing is our topic in our discussion in pol.sci.!!! Guys i dnt have any idea about this!!! i mean i have.. but can any1 kindly acquaint me on Parliamentary system!!! we will having a debate on wed.!! help

  20. roque Said:

    absolutely, i am in favor of parliamentary form of government. there should be a change of government. reasons will be posted next time.

  21. dotpu Said:

    at least this people has care to our country..because of all u guyz dr still hope..ican say, let start it w/in ourselves!!

  22. aileen Said:

    parliamentary system has more advantages that suites the philippines…. why not change it

  23. Jay-R Lumbo Said:

    akalain mo nga naman.. sa pagreresearch ko lalabas tong article ni karla.. astig..

  24. clane Said:

    for me the there’s nothing wrong with the systm as what others have said, the problem is the people who governs us. changing the government system would never change the lifestyles we had right now. the politicians and we people of the philippines must go hand in hand to create a better and good government

  25. no nid to become parliament, remember france a semi presidential gov’t now, dati silang parliamentary gov’t, at marami pa tayong binabayarang utang, di pa handa ang bansang pilipinas tandaan nyo po yan

    • roce Said:

      npaka.interesting ng mga comments nyo.may gusto lng akong malaman.. can you state the economic impact of having a parliamentary form of government (if ever) sa Pilipinas.?,

      • GOGo Said:

        you can try to research it… 🙂

  26. lalo lang po tataas ang bilang ng corruption sa bansa kc po walang check and balance sa gov’t, remember ang i aaplay po sa atin ay seperation of our regions di po separation of state, tuldok lng po tayo kumpara sa u s of a, ikaw ba papayag mag kawatak watak ang ating munting bansang pilipinas?
    kumakanta pa silang pilipinas kong mahal, samantalang gusto nilang baguhin ang sistema ng gobyerno
    it’s not the system ang probs, but the pipol we elected
    maging matalino na po tayo ngaun sa pagboto

  27. oliver pamittan Said:

    kahit ano ang matupad.basta gawin nila ng tama ang kanilang trabaho
    at soportahan ang bawat isa sa mga project bsa ating bansa.
    i love to watch a news>>..!!!!!!!

  28. Jose Z Said:

    How long will it taake po kaya to shift to par. system? How much will it cost?

  29. jeKoY-TikoY Said:

    AHHHHH!!!!! mao bah d ko kasi alam na maalat ang dagat sa pilipinas!!!!CHAR lang AAPG CHOR UY!!!! KlArex!!!!

  30. jeKoY-TikoY Said:

    d namn po natin alam kung anong sistema ginagawa nang mga matataas!!!!d aksi nila alam kung ginagawa nila yong bagay na un tayo pa rin ang mahihirapan!!!dba?

  31. abikarl Said:

    as we observed to the system of our government,it s really wll systematzed..spcally our constitution…the prblem are the prsons who hve gven a prvlge to govern our government, whch they abuse the power that they r holding just for thr bnfits not for the comon good.
    now hre comes the cha-cha,most of the offcials who exert mre effort to legalize this charter change has good intentions whch they frequently used to peresuade the filiupino people but behind ths intntions and plans, its just their indvdual benfits they want to earn through the use of their programs…and defntly WE whom they persuade by their technique are the one who suffer the consequences…
    thus its not the system of our government that needs to under go constant flux but its the system and character of the governing offcials that needs a massive change..well i do agree to one of the contributors hre which she says that it must be a character-change not a charter-change..

  32. jhaypee Said:

    sa akin lang ha. mas magandang maging parliamentary ang bansa natin. although na presidential is good pero nag wowork lang ang presidential system sa mga malalaking bansa like US. wag po natin i kumpara ang US sa philippines. if i can still remember, nung time ni manuel quezon we’re second sa Japan, ibig sabihin pangalawa tayo sa pinakamayamang bansa sa ASIA. Japan has a parliamentary system of government at pag tinignan mo sobrang yaman ng bansang JAPAN. nakakalungkot mang isipin pero mas maunlad na sa atin ang singapore at malaysia. hay……go parliamentary system of govenment!!!

  33. oi panget nmn nyang gawa mu!!@#%^&*()_+^_^

  34. nardo Said:

    hanggat nananatili ang mala-pyudal at mala-kolonyal na katangian ng lipunang pilipino, patuloy na malulugmok sa labis na kahirapan ang ating bansa. matagal nang binigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga matatalinong ginoo na palakarin ang gobyerno, panahon na siguro upang mismong mga mamamayan ang humawak at kumontrol dito. at tanging sa pagsusulong ng isang pambansang demokrasya makakamit ng sambayanan ang kasaganahan ng buhay kundi pati na ang tunay na kalayaan na matagal nang inaasam. tatsulok ang lipunan. panahn na upang baliktarin ang matagal nang bulok na sistema sa bansa.

  35. Benj Said:

    question to the author:
    what are the sociocultural effects of parliament to the Philippines?

  36. kinns Said:

    we were having a debate on September 15 Topic: resolved, that the parliamentary system be used in the Philippines rather than the Presidential form of Goverment we are in the affirmative side and in necessity as well, i need information, about why is it necessary??? thank you…^_^ v

  37. roberth tau-toan Said:

    parliament because:1.easier and quicker to pass legislation because the executive branch is dependent upon the direct or indirect support of the legislative branch and often includes members of the legislative. bank study found that it is associated with lower corruptions.
    3.their parties had much tighter ideology than in presidential.4.parliament is always democratic and able to dissolve government and order a new election…if we’ll use the parliamentary form of government there is an abrupt development in our we have observed in our country adapting the presidential form,no transformation of development exist. to minimize corruptions and crimes,go for parliament .

  38. kinns Said:

    thank you for answering my question it really do help me a lot…thank you…^_^ v

  39. JAMES JOSH Said:

    hi,,,we have a debate on sept.28 with the topic of…resolved that the Philippines adopt a parliamentary form of government thru charter change,,,and i am in a negative side…could u help me plssssss.i’ll w8 4 ur help…tnk u so much po,,

  40. JAMES JOSH Said:

    hi,,,we have a debate on sept.28 with the topic of…resolved that the Philippines adopt a parliamentary form of government thru charter change,,,and i am in a negative side…could u help me plssssss.i’ll w8 4 ur help…tnk u so much po,,

  41. kelvin eugenio Said:

    hi there,.your article was so great..i found this website because we have a debate in coming october 9..grrr..pilipino ka nman po db?hmmm..ang hirap na kac mag english e..hehe.nway,pede mo po ba akong tulungan kung panu makagawa ng isang debate paper or reaction paper tungkol sa parliamentary system..ang hirap po kac eh..d ko po maintndhan..hope na magrespond ka po..^^,,w8 ko po ung mga suggetions mu..kailangan ko na po kac asap ehh…tnx po ng maraming mrami..^_^

  42. kelvin eugenio Said:

    hi there,.your article was so great..i found this website because we have a debate in coming october 9..grrr..pilipino ka nman po db?hmmm..ang hirap na kac mag english e..hehe.nway,pede mo po ba akong tulungan kung panu makagawa ng isang debate paper or reaction paper tungkol sa parliamentary system..ang hirap po kac eh..d ko po maintndhan..hope na magrespond ka po..^^,,w8 ko po ung mga suggetions mu..kailangan ko na po kac asap ehh…tnx po ng maraming mrami..^_^

    here’s my email po..(

    hope to respond..GODBLESS..

  43. kelvin eugenio Said:

    nga po pla i forgot..ung topic ko po kac..bakit kailangan mapalitan ang presidential ng parliamentary..aun po..cge^^

  44. MITCH Said:

    Hi poh,nais po sana namin mgpa2long sa inyu my dbate po kc kmi ds oct 16,topic po namin ay presidential vs parliamentary at presidential po ang npili nmin so plzz help us on hw 2 dfend our dbate.

  45. kinns Said:

    for kelvin…we just finished our debate and pro parliament kmi……..ung sagot ni =roberth tau-toan= nkatulong nang mrami thanks nga pla sa kanya…. parliament kxi mas democratic ung parliament and mapakikingan ang boses ng mga tao…kesa presidential tska pag hindi na mganda ang pinapkita ng current prime minister voice of no confidence lang ang kaylangan hindi ang mtagalng impeachment…..and more country with parliamentary government was progressing…un lang I hope it helps…^_^ v

  46. kinns Said:

    I mean voice of confidence lang ang kailangan pra mtanggal ang current prime minister…hindi ang mtagal na impeachment…..

  47. estelle Said:

    we wl hve r dbate wth d propostion resolv dat the prliamntary system will
    b adoptd in the phil and im on d postve side.plz hlp me..tnx

  48. john paul l. pasicaran Said:

    i don’t understand what our present government is doing in our country right now. it’s time to change the system of our government.

  49. anne monton Said:

    para sa akin mas maganda kong Parliamentary dahil ang democracy parang walang pagbabago katolad nalang dito sa ating bansa walang pag-babago pero sa U.S maganda ang kanilang pamamalakad kaya siguro mas umonlang ang kanilang bansa at wala masyadong nahihirapan dahil maganda ang kanilang pamamalakad. kaya mas buto ako sa parliamentary.

  50. anne Said:

    tanong ko lang ha? bakit kaya kailangan pa nilang mangurakot eeehh marami naman silang pera? kaya nga kahit anong gagawin natin mga filipino hindi parin umonland ang ating bansa, dahil sa mga taong walang magawa kong hindi magnakaw ng pera na hindi naman sa kanila imbis na ipamahagi nila ang kanilang pera sa mahihirap ninanakawan pa taying mga mahihirap kaya nga hindi umonlad ang ating bansa dahil sa mga pulitikong nangongona sa ating bansa!!!!!

  51. Jose Said:

    ehh kahit ano pa ang Type of government natin ok lang as long us yung tao naka upo sa position! ay may goal point sa sarili! inde lang Goal point kapag may election! young corruption sa ating bansa inde na yan bago! maraming taong naka upo yumayaman dyan! kaya kapg election nag nenegeosyo sila para tayong mga manok! malaking patong pero inde segurado! hahayz pinoy talga inde naman nasa leader yan eh nasa bomoboto yan! kapag c ninoy nan jan ang voto rin ay nanjan kapag violet lang ang binigay eh bubulsa lang! ahahyz nako!

  52. Ann Pamela Said:

    hi hi! love your article. it gave me an idea on both system. can you help me po to defend parliamentary?? kasi po we have a debate on March 10. it’s our will be consider as our final exams. presidential vs. parliamentary. and parliamentary kami. plss. salamat! 🙂

  53. Edward Trifon Said:

    Nice article..!!!! hmn thanks, for this,, We wav a debate tommorow n i’m in a presedential sides Againts Parliamentary, I think i’ll gonna lose it, For Acctualy im for Parliamentary, oh no…
    Could u help me Defend Presedential,..? Thanks….,

    • enan ovejera Said:

      hi po… this article enlightens me… even by some comments here.. ask ko lang po, what study of World Bank yun??? san po pwedeng makakuha more details bout dun??? we’ll also have debate next week same proposition and i’m on the affirmative…

  54. enan ovejera Said:

    hi po… this article enlightens me… even by some comments here.. ask ko lang po, what study of World Bank yun??? san po pwedeng makakuha more details bout dun??? we’ll also have debate next week same proposition and i’m on the affirmative…

  55. Edsel Said:

    ahm. good day! pde po b mgbgay p kau ng examples sa disadvantage ng parliamentary! may debate po kse kme sa wednesday.. ehh againt parliamentary poo kme! tnx po!

  56. Emmffer Foancier Said:

    Is there any country in this world that made it to a level of “a great country”? What’s the type of government they have? As far as i know, NO DEMOCRATIC country has ever reached such greatness. Japan – Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government, not democratic yet a great country… USA – federal constitutional republic, not democratic.. United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand – Constitutional Monarchy… Russia – Federation.. On the other hand, India – a democratic, the poorest country.. Our very own, Philippines, home for corruption, DEMOCRATIC, a poor country…

    Actually, I’m not in favor of any type of government.. I support none. For only God governs my life…

    • GOGo Said:

      you forgot to mention china

  57. Black Feather of Satan Said:

    Mga tangang Hindi nakakahawak o nakakabasa ng bibliya lang ang mga taong ginagamit ang Relihiyon sa Pamumulitika… alam ng karamihan na nakasaad sa bibliya na “Thou shalt not use the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who uses His name in vain.” The third commandment forbids all profaning and abusing of anything whereby God makes Himself known. (Malachi 1:6-8; Lev. 20:3; 19:12; Matthew 5:34-37; Isa. 52:5.) It is not simply a matter of cursing or using the name God or Jesus vainly in that way. It is true that God’s name is not to be used in that manner.
    kaya sana lahat ng Pilipino sana mamulat kayo wag kayong paloko…

  58. roce Said:

    I am not afraid of ‘change’… its just that..i don’t think parliamentary system is applicable in our country.!,
    eh..presidential plang nga tau,, corrupt na mga officials.. how much more kung parliament na?!! wala ng ‘say’ ang public!

  59. camille Said:

    kung parliamentary system ang susundin natin araw araw tayo magpapalit ng leader kasi mga leader natin magaling mangurakot

  60. Latebloomer Said:

    Nice topic and forum (which has been running since 2006) but what I think won’t matter since I’m not in power. But let’s talk about President Noynoy who is pro-presidential (our current form of government); Budget Secretary na inappoint ni Noynoy na si Butch Abad is pro-parliament. Ma-influence kaya niya si Noynoy to go parliament? Let’s see happens.

    Budget Secretary Butch Abad’ article:

  61. james Said:

    wag nyong isisi sa mga namumuno ang kinahaharap na problema ng bansa natin, kahit sabhin natin na may kakulangan sila sa pagiging leader ng bansa eh hindi tama na isisi sa kanila, dahil kung hihimayin at sasaliksikin nyong mabuti ang dahilan nang lumalalang kahirapan ng bansa, bakit hindi natin ibaling ito sa mga kapwa natin na iresponsable?tulad nang? pag may nakitang bawal umihi dito?dun pa din umiihi?isa pa?bawal magtapon dito ng basura?anung ginagawa ng ibang tao?dun pa din nag tatapon?what i mean is, kung ginagamit lng sana natin nang buo ang pagana ng utak,lalo na sa mga mangmang na kababayan natin na napakataas ng pride,e hindi sana ganito ang bansa natin…isipin nyong mabuti kung anu ang ibig kong sabhin…

    • rhyen Said:

      Sasagutin kita dito brad. kaya umiihi yng mga tao sa gilid dahil walang nanghuhuli, kaya sila nagtapon dun sa labas o kanto dahil ulit walang nanghuhuli, ibig sabihin may batas tayo di lang napatupad ng maigi, kumbaga ningas kugon lang yung mga batas..Halimbawa may umihi aba hulihin at bigyan ng parusa..pag may nagtapos aba ikulong mo iwan ko lang kng may gagawa pa dun…Ito pa idagdag ko pa yung mga overpass isipin mo bakit marami pa rin ang di gumagamit nyan at nakipag patentero pa sa kalsada dahil “again walang nanghuhuli..peace

      • nicCo Said:

        uhm, sasagutin ko lng din yan, so ang ibig mong sabihin e kelangan may taong magbabantay plage? hindi ba pwedeng gumawa ng batas at sundin nlamang ito ng walang nagbabantay. cguro naman alam na natin ang tama at mali, hindi na kailangan pang hihintayin mo pa na huliin ka bago ka magbago, ang kelangan lng e disiplina brad, kaya nating makuha un kung may disiplina tyu sa ating sarili. “bawal umihi dito” – hindi ba klaro na bawal umihi doon? andun na ung point mismo e na mali ang umihi doon. alangan namang ihian mo pa un maliban nlng talaga kung ikaw ay may disiplina, peace

      • I think the reason why we cannot surpass the problems here in the Philippines is that, masyado tayong nag eenjoy sa tinatawag nating “RIGHTS/ KARAPATAN”, oo alam ko tama lahat ng mga nakasaad dun, pero nagiging masama na ang nangyayari due to the fact that people overuse that power. try to look at Singapore, the wealthiest country in South East, having a parliamentary system of government, look there demography just as small as Manila maybe and yet they are more powerful than the Philippines and belong to the top 20 countries having a high GDP/capita. Let us admit folks, in the system of government we have right now, it is a matter of ‘ARTISTA APPEAL’ already not the credibility of the politician running for candidacy. peace

  62. jhaneebhebz Said:

    we will have a DEBATE tomorrow… and parliamentary bet nmin .. 🙂
    hope na mka2long ang mga comment neu na qu.. i’ll go to PARLIAMENTARY go go.. thanks a lot guyz..

  63. gladz 25 Said:

    ..HI GOOD EVE.. may i ask something?.. ano po b advantage ng Presedential system ? at ano po disadvantage ng paliamentary system?? we have a debate on monday so i need you gelp po 🙂 tnx

  64. eric Said:

    we will be having an informal debate on monday the topic is that giving comparison if what will be the best system here in our country is it parliamentary or presidential system??so kindly give me a sort of question about this…tnx

  65. Dane Erana Said:

    hello.i’m doing some research about what kind of government should be implemented here in the Philippines,is it parliamentary or presidential?…tnx

  66. parliamentary system or presidential? what would be the right choice? we will going to debate on this, lets take the floor BSBA!!!

  67. grant Said:

    parliamentary system works best. it seems erroneous that ideally we consider the existence of presidential form worth sustainable to acquire progress for our country in spite of the reality. i will somehow object with the premise that parliamentary form will definetely provide no guarantee for efficient laws to be passed and hasty ones will be provided for the state. it is impossible, considering that there will still be the same body to scrutinize the effectivity and necessity of the bills. as an addition the tedious deliberations of proposed bill will no longer be time- consuming nor money- wasting. the convenient passage of law does not mean that it will lack intellectual deliberation, there will just be alleviated worthless arguements compared with the presidential ones. and come on, im aware with the fact that some claims that it is the people that must be altered or actually their character, but within this critical circumstances of massive poverty and political tribulations of our country pretending that to act for political reform will create not that much avenue for progress is something hilarious for me. let’s work with the search and analysis of what really suits for our country. we are not after the guarantee but with the probability, it is better tod o something essential for reform for the system that actually in some point structure the bahaviour and lives of the political actors than just perennial utter, that the system is nothing talking about the people. for everything lies with the character of those officials.

    political science

    • Patrick Publico Said:

      thanks for your comment.
      you really help me a lot by sharing your own idea

  68. sheryl singson Said:

    thank you sa for those nag comment dito…malaking help para sa akin,,para sa pag debate namin sa school..

  69. kenneth Said:

    salamat sa inyo …. may alam ma ako sa parliamentary system……..

  70. rose Said:

    please answer nman po anu ang differnce ng presidential sa parliamentary system pls answer

  71. grace Said:

    nka pic up talaga aq ng idea .. thank u xoo much. debate nmin mamaya..

  72. BeinG_gOod Said:

    there really are so many advantages to adopting a parliamentary system over the more inefficient and gridlock-prone presidential system, yet so many ordinary Filipinos without much of a sincere desire to objectively understand the real merits of considering a shift to the Parliamentary System just easily dismiss it without even having intelligent reasons to justify their rejection.
    “We need to study more about the chosen issue before having any conclusion…”

  73. Quadri Said:

    I like it.

  74. akin Said:


  75. khen Said:

    i really like all your comments in dis site . i know that there’s always a disagreement or agreement in our minds but try to think about what this isue may do for us and wat wuld happen f we insist it to be happen? our decision lies in our hands and it’s our own choice 2 choose from parliamentary to it advantageous in our part as a concern citizen?

  76. Casseah Said:

    ok lng naman ang presidential system..ayusin na lang nila ang pamamalakad.At least under presidential, we have checks and balances that prevents one branch to be more powerful than the other which makes us free from the high possibility of having a dictatorial government.

  77. Casseah Said:

    under Parliamentary,there might be laws which can be passed easily that can lead to the oppression of people. I’m not saying parliamentary gov. is not good but what if the leaders who have the authority become abusive of their powers.

  78. kevin Said:

    grabi may debate kami ngaun .. binasa ko tlga mga comment ninyo. i dedefend namin ang PARLIAMENTARY..

  79. kevin Said:

    ano ba ang mas mabuting gov’t???? DEMOCRACY, COMMUNISM, DICTATORSHIP,MONARCHY,or PARLIAMENTARY??????

    reason why?????


  80. mengistuko Said:

    I am sory no brief common feature of parliamentary and presidential system of government

  81. Kmico Said:

    Hi. 😉 we will going to debate about presidential form of government be changed to parliamentary one.. and we are on the affirmative side . huhu help me to defend po. pls , i beg you po, SALAMAT. 🙂

    My e-add : kristel.ranin@y.c

  82. Kmico Said:

    Our debate is scheduled on tuesday. huhu kindly help me po to defend this..

    ty po !

  83. chip05 Said:

    for me!! still it depends upon the politicians who roled the country. because i believed that demons will stay demons . so wala sa kalagayan ng bansa ntin ngayun ee nsa presidentil na nga tau kung san me human rights tau ee nghihirap parin ang bansa natin . so khit anu pa yng sistema ng bansa natin kung ang nanunungkulan ay buwaya still pilipino will go down to abyss . kea pray nlng natin na me isang taong mabuti mg upo dun sa taas at hindi mg gawa ng ktarantaduhan 😀


    i think all the system are right and correct it depend on the people who will be runing that government.there is no use for one to blame the system cause the problem lays within the government officials……..Mboma Lucky Ngomane from South Africa a student of Political Science in University of Lmpopo

  85. Since the admin of this site is working, no doubt very soon it will be
    renowned, due to its quality contents.

  86. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a data! present here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.

  87. kamlu Said:

    …cool..try na lang kasi natin ung parliamentary, then let’s compare..what’s important is may gobyerno pa tayo..mas malala pag wala eh..

  88. jhovie Said:

    grabe may debate poh kme bukas, it help me a lot of this comment .. tlagang binasa ko poh lhat .. T.y

  89. This, unfortunately, bad oil pulling breath. Tartar can begin to avoid the company and
    are somewhat unpleasant. However, typically people end up spoiling your dental health.

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