Republicanism versus Democracy

Republicanism versus Democracy 
by Vanessa Karen Fajardo 
Have you ever heard the tale of the asteroid that will hit earth within 24 hrs., the virus that will kill all living organisms in this world in 8 hrs., and the mighty orange fruit that will save mankind? Well that story is somehow related to the topic. Republicanism versus democracy. 
At modern times, democracy and republicanism is used by many countries in governing their states. Both of the ideology are the same in some points, that is concerning to the liberty and civic virtue–for the common good. But both systems are not ‘synonymous’. The two systems have lots of differences, but I only discussed some of it. 
Democracy is defined as “the government of the people, for the people and by the people”. Thus, it focuses only on the interest of the people. But the “republic”, referred today as representative democracy (with the elected head of the state), concerned not only to the “many (the people), but also to the wide or broad social basis. “The one (the monarch)” and “the few (the aristocrats)” is included. 
Another difference is that in democracy, the government is the people while in republicanism, there is a hair strand that divides the government and the people. 
Therefore, republicanism focuses more on the government itself. The elected head of the state must give their best decision for the needs and interest of the country. But in democracy, the views and interest of the people will prevail. Different points of view but there’s only one goal–that is the common good. 
Questions: Are the points mentioned above are the answer why democrats and republicans, in some part of the world, quarrel each other for the purpose of the common good? Like the tale of the asteroid, the virus and the orange fruit?



  1. Irene Said:

    short but nice karen hehe well I bet that both republicans and democrats will figure out that could they choose between orange rind and the juice itself without compromising what they believe

  2. jay-r lumbo Said:

    nice work my good ol’ friend…

    my personal answer to your question siguro nga….

    malamang yan nga din ang dahilan may point ka nga… napansin ko rin eh… hindi nga nagkakaintindihan ang mga tao..

    nice nice

  3. dana evangelista Said:

    nice work PBB!

    well, both republican and democratic both work for a common good. ewan ko nga ba kung bakit pinagtatalunan pa yan eh. baka naman kasi meron pang ibang reason kaya nag-aaway sila just to be in the position.

    db nga sabi ng prof natin sa isang subject, meron bang nanungkulan na hindi nakinabang?

  4. Katigbak, Karla Elaine Said:

    Sa palagay ko it’s because it’s because of power. Pero kung titignan natin related nga siya dun sa situation mo nung una dahil sa they both work for common goal. I like your article even though it’s short yet interesting.

  5. i got confused with the title… at first. but as i read it… i got your point.

    you pointed out that, indeed, republicanism and democracy, being used in the same way, is also different in their own light.

    but i think that even if Democracy is defined literally as “the government of the people, for the people and by the people” (as you stated), it does not really translate literally.

    there is no absolute freedom, the same goes with democracy…. a literal “Democracy” will not be a democracy anymore… its going to be more of a “mobocracy” or rule of the mob… thats why we elect “representatives”, to function for its people…

    (i’m stating the “should be” nature of democracy… but it doesnt necessarily translate to reality…)

  6. Kris John Said:

    hands down ako sayo PBB…

    short but really a good one… i commend you for this post…

  7. Gerald Valhet Mesina Said:

    hmm kumbaga sa Boxing Mike tyson Vs Chris Frazier hmm 30 seconds KO

    Very nice

  8. lea baluyot Said:

    Both of them the purpose is common good. So wats really the problem? maybe the officials who really abuse their powers. Walang mangyayari sa government kung walang give and take. Thats really the nature of politics.,

  9. ralph julious villamor Said:

    very short yet very tingling!

    one strong argument is,both ideology wanted the common good, yet both party can see the logic in each others way p0f attining the goal. and the big question is W-H-Y????

    and the best answer i can give for this is nichollo machiabelli’s principle “THE END JUSTIFY THE MEAN” . though we want same thing, we as human can devise too many DIFFERENT ways in achieving that goal, it doesnt matter how ruthless we may be!!

    bottomline, it’s success in government they wanted, let’s give them what they need, through the democrats or through the republicans, irts the comon good that matters.

    gilo ko nanaman, wala sa mood.

    nice pbb!!

  10. ralph julious villamor Said:


    that’s cant see the logic huh!!

    nagkamali lng.

    at gulo ko nanaman un hing gilo.

  11. commander_rommel Said:

    hehehe PBB ngayon naliwanagan na ako tungkol sa konsepto ng republikanismo at demokrasya,salamat at nakadagdag ka sa kalaman ko.
    Well anyway,maganda yung pagkaka-present mo ng topic.

  12. josephine lucero Said:

    Democracy really exist in our country. Democracy makes our country a land of freedom for the abuser leaders and a government for selected powerful and wealthy people.

    Under our Philippine Constitution, democracy in our country dives us the right to speak, vote, etc But the image of democracy in reality doenst jive with what really this kind of government means.

    On the other hand, republicanism broader the function of democracy in our country especially in terms of the side of the government. When I read this article, the writer clearly explained what that hair strand divides the government and the people.

    Now I have deep understanding about democracy and republicanism. Both democracy and republicanism inherit only one goal which is for the good of the people.

  13. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    the kind ofgov’t tobe use to run acountry isalsoa factor…but what is more imporatant is who are those people whowillgovern…kahit naman siguro aling kind ng gov’t gamitin ay magigigng maayos ang magiging pamamalakad basta magaling,matapat at may dedikasyon ang magiging pinunu……sa kanila nakadepende ang magiging kakahinatnan ng isang nasasakupan…
    nice article..but sana nilagyan mohng opinion mo…

  14. salome saro Said:

    cenxa na ngaun lang nkblik…
    ang cute ng story ng orange fruit….

    sa sistemang ito nakakulong ang bansa,,,
    mganda nmn tlaga ang mga ito
    kung sa hangarin lng,,kung sa literal ng perspektibo ka lilingon

    eh pano naman kung sa pansarili lang mauuwi ng lhat..

    wala ng saysay………… ang lahat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. kristine tyrol Said:

    bst dicttorship p rin ako… i dont care bout these two..hindi yn ideal s karakter ng mga pilipino..we nid a benevolent dicttor!

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