Hidden Mask

 Hidden Mask

by: Rhea Rizza Fajardo

              Every time I was about to heard current news I can’t help thinking of a certain issue that really bothers my system. What is it? The situation in which Activists are protesting for various sorts of political change, including the ouster of our President then I witnessed uniformed Military Men forcefully dragged away this Activists. I was just wondering why they are doing such thing. The Term “Militarization” barely gives the answer to that question.

            Militarization is defined as the process by which a society organizes its self for the production of violence. It includes the role of Military in a society. The bottom line here is “Peace and Order” to ensure our political and economic situation but the question is to what comprises VIOLENCE in a real sense? Shall we consider demonstrating rallies a violence?

            Our President declared that “there will be no maximum tolerance of rallies” cause it portends violence. They have settled that those Activists are the real enemies of our government in pursuing National Security. Why? Is it because for them, The Activists are doing illegal activities? Or is it because they’re threatened by the fact that those Activists have the guts to fight against them? Whatever it is, the most important here is the awareness of every citizen if our government is doing its part or they’re just practicing a false might.

            Have you ever notice that The Nations are being pressured to comply with Military policies, to take away civil liberties, violate human rights, ignore existing laws and mask its economic interest as “National Security”. It’s really important to emphasized that while we critique militarism and anti-violence campaign revitalized by the government, We must unmask the entire campaign as economic in essence and re-assertion of political domination of the government. This campaign has claimed lives, cause displacements and continues to trample upon fundamental rights of the people.

            I fully recognized that the Militarization is reflected in past and current patterns of violence against Activists. We, as the citizen of our Republic carry the scars of Militarism’s injustices and we keep firm our vision for “true security” that guarantees the safety, well-being and long-term sustainability of our communities.



  1. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    The government is showing an act of coward ness. They are striking the wrong key!!! Activists were not terrorists and yet they were pointing at the wrong enemy. Let’s not go back at the time of Marcos. The people suffered enough by that time.

    Another thing, instead of putting too much budget on the military, why not increase the budget for education? I think this would be the best thing to do.

  2. Kris John Said:

    There is no such thing as absolute right… but also i can not fathom an absolute power and it seems like the government is day dreaming of this. According to the constitution the primary duty of the military is to protect the state and its citezen. But it seems like some of our so called knights in uniforms are not oriented enough about the purpose ng pinasok nilang career. Some of them are obeying these and those commands w/out even considering their sworn duty… and that is to protect the people which happens to be the state… well i can not wholly blame them. there is the chain of commands that are needed to be followed… whaha…
    nice job rhea

  3. Irene Said:

    the expected role of the military being the armed division of our society is to portect the state and the people they are men and women of highest integrity and loyalty to constitution… those are their mandated duties I see militarization of the state very much like star wars the major base of building an empire in our context maybe against other state but never dud i conceived that it will be against the people…. on the other hand I see this militarization as a residual tactic of anyone who is in power and wanting to secure it primarily due to the interplay of the oppositional factors and other things… thanks

  4. king jhan lascano Said:

    they are abusing their powers. they are the one who really created violence. we’ll sometimes we can’t also balme them, they are just doing their jobs..
    nice job

  5. dana evangelista Said:

    one thing i just want to say, not all terrorists are activists.
    terrorists and activists are two different things. activists help while terrorists don’t. but sad to say both of them were punished.

  6. Katigbak, Karla Elaine Said:

    Sa tingin ko hindi lahat ng nagrarally ay violence nang masasabi sapagkat para sakin ang violence eh yung marahas at sa hindi makataong pamamaraan. Ang pagrarally ay kung saan masasabi nating sa pamamagitan nito ay naipapahayag natin ang ating opinyon atsang-ayon sa konstitusyon ay maaari ito dahil kabilang ito sa human rights natin pero kung sasabihin na there is no such thing as absolute freedom eh sa nakikita ko naman sa mga ibang nagrarally nagsisigaw lang sila pero wala namang masasabing violence ngunit bakit kaya ganun na lang sila ipagtabuyan na ang iba ay nasasaktan na. Ginagawa kaya nila ito para sa sinasabing peace and order o para sa kapalagayan ng kanilang loob?

  7. Ma. Shiela H. Garcia Said:

    In my opinion, the activists don’t deserve the maltreatment of the military to them because they are just fighting for their rights and they are just asking for justice that the government failed to give them.they are just also concern to our country. The duty of the military is to protect the people and to promote peace and order in the country.. but it seems that they’re only abusing their powers and for them the activists are the ones’ who’s making trouble in our country,, bt they never realize that they are also one of the reasons why the activists are protesting..

  8. lea baluyot Said:

    I remember the military should protect the peopleof the government not abuse the civilians. Their abusing their powers. They are the reason why there are many rallies.. they control the people and im not favor to it. Nice article.

  9. yes… the military should be the one to protect the citizens and not the administration…

    (i’ll be the devil here)
    activists are (yes) protecting their rights and upholding freedom but didnt it occur to them that they are being USED as well? by the power hungry politicians? yes… i admire activists… but please, not all of them have a noble cause… there are still a number of them who just act as if they’re “akitibistas” but are really fronting for some scheme…

    militarization for that fact is a product of military intelligence, they sense and smell the fox among the lambs… and catch them before the lambs get bitten at their asses….. at this instance the activists (who are as gullible as lambs) are bitten by those power hungry politicians (who are as cleaver as a fox), to sit on top of the food chain (every politicians goal… malacanang)

    (as i said, i was going to be the devil right?)

    good job rhea… 🙂 i commend you for writing your thoughts well.

  10. manelle Said:

    For me, we cannot question militarization as long as it follows the legal standard in which emboded in the constitution. On the other hand, we as the nation have our rights to express our ideas and opinions but we have to be responsible.

    You did a good article!

  11. ralph julious villamor Said:

    first, the article is supreb. thoughts were expressed well and there i conviction. its highly commendable.

    with regard to its thought, i share the same view that activist are sometimes maltreated and that may be accounted for the abuse in the military force. but this may only be the consequence of the action of such activist. if these actist doesnt cross the line brtween freedom of expression and being rebelious no ofensive actions will be under taken. i know that this prespective of the matter is quite in contrast with common view, it doesnt follow that this is really the truth behind this. like a concept in economics, there could be and invisible behind all this.
    good job rhea for being a keen observer.!!

  12. josephine lucero Said:

    Reality really shows the hidden mask beyond our military.

    My father is also served in military, he’s so very principled man and doenst belong with what the writer reffering to. I believe that not all but mostly of our military did that.

    good work rhea for being so realistic in your article.

  13. melanie aldeon Said:

    it is clearly stated in the constitution that the primary duty of the military is to protect and defend the people and the state, but i think its not happening right now..
    i pity those activists that were maltreated wenever there are rallies,

    ok, lets be fair here, d nmn kc kaila sa atin na marami ring mga alagad ng batas ang nasasaktan sa mga sitwasyong ito…

    i think kc parehong my abuse ng “power” ang magkaibalng panig…un lng, icpin nio n lng kung anu un,hehe…

  14. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    why are they stillcomparing activists andterrorists..it is really obviousthatthese two are different…rallies are not violence…nagiging violence lang eto kapagang nsa gobyerno ay gumawa ng marahas n hakbang laban sakanila…alangan naman na di kumilos ang mga raliyista….marami sa gobyerno ang nagpapakaplasticparan mapangalagaan ang sariling interest…sila ang ang maituturing na tunay na violence….
    nicearticle rhea…..godbless(“,)

  15. salome saro Said:

    cenxa na ngaun lang nkblik…
    somtmes.. truth rily hurts!!!! haha korny!!!!!!!!!
    peace and order!!!!!!!!
    na kanino nga ba ang ulmimatong pasya
    para malaman kung tayo ba ay gumagawa ng
    bayolentng pagkilos
    o we just exrcsing our rights or duties and responsibilities?????

    na sa kanya ba???
    baka naman na syo!!
    o kaya sakin????
    marahil sa tin….
    lahat b… o iilan lang????????????


  16. kristine tyrol Said:

    bhl kau jan!!!!!! bst ako u must b openminden enaf pr mlmn an lht ng konsekwenses n gngw nyo pglingn n lng mga tol

  17. tingin ko…. ang mga militar ay isa pa sa mga umaabuso sa kapangyarihan

    manananggal sila ng lakas ng mamamayan(tama ba ispeling ng mamamamayan?)

    sa halip na sila ang magprotekta sa atin… sila pa itong umaabuso…

    nice work!!!!!!

  18. Irene santos Said:

    Again I’m after enlightenment or solution.. good job rhea

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