Red Tape: The Unwanted Cholesterol

Red Tape: The Unwanted Cholesterol

By: Jesus Kristian King P. Calugay


                        Red Tape? What is it? Is it a new kind of packaging tape? Is it some kind of new recording device? Is it a new underground band’s merchandise? Or was it a new brand of soup? Apparently not, since I can always hear this term on the tube and papers.

But one thing is certain, it’s as popular as a rock star on a band tour.


                        Red Tape is described as disproportionate policies which usually involve filling-up or signing of unnecessary papers, attaining unnecessary licenses, having multiple individuals or committees approve a decision, and various low-level rules that make conducting affairs slower and more difficult. Red tape has been alive in our government up to present, causing numerous conflicts within government offices. So, what’s the big deal about red tape?


                        Scenario: you woke up one morning and decided to get your very own driver’s license. Then arriving at the Land Transpo Office you notice a very unusual parade. Is there a carnival in town? Wait! That’s no parade! That’s the line! Whoa! Tough, a day is not enough to finish registering and processing your license. Whoa! 


                        I know you guys are fond of filling-up skyscraper-like documents and standing still in stretched out lines more than I do. Usually it takes forever to just move an inch, right? Red Tape plays a role in the slow progression in the process of your documents and requests. The redundant bureaucratic policies have created flaws inside the system which very much lead to substandard results of services rendered to us. One of these so called flaws is graft and corruption of your public service office. Rather than to create a systematic approach to public service and government transactions…we, the average citizen of the Democratic Philippine Nation, is experiencing turtle slow development and poor quality service. What a drag, isn’t it?

                        No one can deny that Red Tape is present in the government system, and it is causing troublesome effects to everyone.  How can the government provide excellent public service if the complexity, costly and unnecessary policies has formed into complication and corruption? Business sector also suffers from all the redundant rules and procedures. The sluggish progress has done so much as to slow the growth of these firms. Slow is not a good thing when it comes to production and the overwhelming snail-like advancement is not an ideal entity which should be present in the government. Thus, creating unjust and miserable ends.

                        So, what action did the government undertake in such drastic matter? Last July 8, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed Executive Order No. 557, establishing an Anti-Red Tape Task Force composed of members from the Presidential Management Staff, the Commission on Information and Communications Technology, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Export Development Council Secretariat, and the National Anti-Poverty Commission. One of the proceedings of the Anti-Red Tape Task Force is the “Simplification of Civil Application System” which consists of a series of interrelated activities intended to minimize if not totally eliminate red tape in LGU transactions. Appropriate capability building interventions shall be provided to local government officials and functionaries to enable them develop and sustain simplified regulatory system thereby ensuring investment-friendly rules and procedures in local government transactions.

                        The program aims to promote transparent, accessible and simplified transactions especially on the issuance of business permits and licenses, rationalize local rules and procedures to create an environment ideal for investments in the locality,

                        Ok, now that the government got there toes on the job, but will it reduce the treat of Red Tape? Will there response be enough to eliminate or reduce the clog in the system? Or will we still continue experiencing the slothfulness of Paper Works? Fast pace and immediate development is needed in the growth of a country. But it won’t be funny if we observed the slow evolution of service and government offices.

                        I agree that there must be something to be done. Refining and deregulating the bureaucratic policies are recommendations which must be considered. Action must be taken place to reduce the damage created. It will take more than a slight push and pull to untangle this knot. Cholesterol is bad for you, just like Red Tape.    



  1. Good point!

    Red Tape is always present in every government and I know that a lot of people were suffering because of this. Most of the people were spending too much of the allocated budget just to get a necessary requirements they need to accomplished within a period of time.

    Now, it’s a good thing that the government give they own cure to this illness. But the thing is ‘does the government can monitor the violators?’. Think twice.

  2. don emmnanuel nolasco Said:

    I salute you, KING. You make me clearly understand red tape and its effect on the government and the people. I also support the idea of FAST vs. SLOW, in the fat facing reality, our government should make public documents accesible to everyone in its easisest and fastest way.

    I also comment oyur style in writing the article, relating the daily experience of the ordinary people to one of the oldest form of corruption.


  3. raymund b babaran Said:

    KING you’re too good…..hehehehehe……promiz…….Now I have a clear understanding about the word RED TAPE……..dati naririnig ko lang yun ndi ko pinapansin….
    Now I know that red tape really affect the daily life of the people…
    But the good thing is that the government take an action on one of the problem of this country.

    THANK YOU KING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jay-r lumbo Said:

    waaw pare lakas mo!!!!! bilib ako sa yo.
    red tapes nga naman… when the first btime i heard red tapes

    i thought it means.. pulang mga bala… ta iskats teyp na pula…

    i see red tapes are part of the so called corruption…

    and your right… it really seriously affect the daily lives of the people…

    and i wish the great government continue their action against the so called red tapes….

  5. Kris John Said:

    rade tape was really a question mark for me honestly, but now atleast i have an idea…

    the government is established to be that mechanism that will ensure the people quality life, but such policy as what has KING stated has too many flaws and doesn’t actaully fullfills it’s supposed function mas masama pa it is being a slowing mechanism in our bureaucratic sys.

    as what i’ve said, shame but it’s true, i am not really familiar with red tapes so i can only conclude for myself it’s good points… and by preserving this good Points is what the government should pursue…

  6. Khem Visca Said:

    Whoa!Im very impressed in the manner that ou made your article. honestly, I was not aware of it but the moment I read your article, I got a clearer understanding about it.. Dati naririnig ko lang yan but I didnt paid any attention. the title is really eye-catching..hehe,naiconnect sa CHOLESTEROL!!!
    Red tape is the key to corruption the LGUs and public officials must be aware of it. the solutions to minimize or eradicate red tape must start with the people and supported by the government.
    Good choice of topic,huh!keep up the good work Lord!!!!!

  7. Antalan, Carlo Mayo P. Said:

    everyone would love this kind of thing, for sure! transparency on the government would mean a lot to its credibility. issue of corruption is a never ending story that makes up an impression that our government is absolutely a mess. red tape perhaps is the answer. it would not harm us, citizens but this corrupt officials, maybe. i mean surely!

  8. we are all dreaming for a TRANSPARENT, CREDIBLE, AND HONEST governance. the question is, will it just remain as a dream?
    i know it takes too long but of course little by little sana may makita tayong development kaso mukhang wala ata. sana wag lang dumating yung point na lahat tayo magsisi dahil wala tayong nagawa.
    and, it is true, those endless lines we have encountered in almost every transactions we are doing especially in the LGU sectors. they are so masungit pa nga eh and unapproachable. sana pati yun masolusyonan

  9. Lucero, Josephine C. Said:

    The work of Mr. Calugay really enlighten me about the so called red-tape. Honestly speaking I dont know this topic. I admire him for being so sensible and informative in writing. He wrote using indirect way of discussing topic and it seems that he really works hard for it. I learned lot on his essay.

    Good work!!! Keep it up!!!

  10. melanie aldeon Said:

    whoa! ur really great! i admire you for writing this article

    honestly speaking, i dnt have enough knowledge bout ur topic but since u did a great job on it, naunawaan q na at its deepest level..hehe

    its nice to know that the govt has undertake some actions regarding that matter

    thanks 4 d info!

  11. Katigbak, Karla Elaine L. Said:

    First, I don’t know what’s redtape is but I already heard it. Thanks, because now I know and understand what is redtape.
    Well, I agree with you that redtape must be eliminate because people becomes lazy and irresponsible.
    Our government officials is in their office to provide for a better service by doing their job without asking for any payment.
    Why redtape is being patronize? It’s because why to make it difficult for you if there’s an easiest and fastest way.

  12. salome saro Said:

    Nice way of interpreting the topic huh… in connection to the formulation of the article, apparently it is talking about the reality that our country is facing today. I agree that red tape is doing a redundant job causing retrogression motion of the government. Hopefully, the government will do something as earlier as possible to eliminate this kind of thing

  13. joyce 'jucee' victorino Said:

    you touched a topic which really exists in our country.
    but how can we really eliminate this RED TAPE? this is another matter that needs to be discussed. im impressed. nice work.

    i wish that after the end of our Pol Theo class, our section will still be posting relevant and interesting political topics.

  14. Kristine Joie Salazar Said:

    The fact is given. You formed an article with a deeper observation. Of course as a writer,

    you must think of what will the reactions of your reader upon reading your article. What

    will their next question.

    Well, i guess you actually answer my question. as I was reading, something bothered me as i

    finished reading it, it was all answered! This means you are a good writer! You amazed me!

    Good job.

  15. very very good article…

    very good analogy between red tape and choleserol.

    red tape should really be flushed from our system in order to make transactions with the governement run smoother…

    good job.. 🙂

  16. lea baluyot Said:

    I congratulate you for having a well researched article. You showed the RED TAPE topic in a very interesting one. Clearly the red tape is not a common tongue to all of us, it is a complicated word to understand but you cited situations that will easily be understood by all.

  17. I really don’t know anything about red tape before…thanks for the info King!!

    you’re very articulate!!

  18. Ma. Shiela H. Garcia Said:

    after reading this article.. .i admired the writer because it gave me a clearer understanding about red tape.. this topic is very interesting and i enjoyed reading it,,
    Keep up the good work.,.

  19. Brigette Servino Said:

    Well done KING!!!
    Your article is really true. Good analogy was set. I never thought that you were that good in doing articles pero napabilib mo talaga ako king! Galing galing naman.. Very informative. Wala akong masabi!! I like your article, tittle pa lang, it caught my attention na.. Maganda talaga sya.. Good job king!

  20. jezza f. blastique Said:

    King, bakit ganun?? ang ganda ng article mo! hindi nakakaboring. ang galing ng style.

    – the snail-like progress of the political and/or business processes & proceedings only shows that we have ineffective policies legislated by ineffective policy-makers. or…. the policies are not to be blamed, nor the legislators, but the system applied to carry out the processes. and please….. please…. don’t believe those who say that there’s just an electronic problems, lack of this & that…. blah blah blah! that’s part of their strategic “mining”. ung sinabi ni sir dela peña, mga miners… Hehehe…

  21. jezza f. blastique Said:

    -King, bakit ganun?? ang ganda ng article mo! hindi nakakaboring. ang galing ng style.

    – the snail-like progress of the political and/or business processes & proceedings only shows that we have ineffective policies legislated by ineffective policy-makers. or…. the policies are not to be blamed, nor the legislators, but the system applied to carry out the processes. and please….. please…. don’t believe those who say that there’s just an electronic problems, lack of this & that…. blah blah blah! that’s part of their strategic “mining”. ung sinabi ni sir dela peña, mga miners… Hehehe…

  22. Gerald Magno Said:

    The article is good in the manner on how the author explains the red tape in a brief way that a reader can easily understand.

    Red Tape, as far as I’am concern is an illegal practice in the government wherein if you want your paper that you needed in any business transactionato be sign immediately by a government officer you have to pay money. This kind of activity in the government agencies i making business more costly in the Philippines and discourages foreign investor from coming in. The question is, what is the cause of this illegal activity? Whom we should blame on these?

    Let’s analyze first the main cause why red tape is rumpant in many government agencies. A scenario, you are a businessman who will start a small business here in the country. Of course you need many business documents and transactions. And I’m telling you these. The process is very slow-moving and very complex that you need the signature of every department heads of a particular agency. At this point, you as a businessman want the process to be finish immediately. And you have no choice but to go with the fkow of their system, the red tape.

    With this example, we can now conckude tha cause of the red tape, the old and slow system in governmant agencies. A recent study by an international firm said that in the Philippines, 1 month is not enough for a businessman to finish all the recquired documents and transactions for him to start his business here. But in our neighboring country like Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore, 2-3 weeks is long enough to finish all the recquired document.

    Very clear, the problem is in the system. What the governkent can do on these? Change the old system! Cut the number of signatures recquired in business transactions. Try a new system.

  23. arvie arce Said:

    wow galing mo!
    ngayon ko lng naintndhan kung ano b ung red tape n naririnig k sa tv….
    nice article and very informative, ganda ng explanation!

  24. Gerald Valhet Mesina Said:

    very impressive

    you give me a very clear picture of what red tape means and how it circulates in our society

    yan ang mahirap ngayon yang ganyang proseso

    For now it is the best article posted

    for now ……….

  25. ralph julious villamor Said:

    i must say that the title would be the best anology for this topic.

    imagine this: your a person as old as old as government, then throughout your life you’d been eating too many fats and unhealthy stuff (politicians, customs and tradition that made this system a failure) and trough time, these waste ahve accumulated too much in our arteries and veins that blood can no longer traver to your system, then eventually u’ll die, without any significn reason you loose ur life to something that could have been prevented.

    ghee.. too serious huh.. hehe
    nice job king! your deep!

  26. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    well…meron n qo comment sau…na mispost lang xa s ibang article…nice article…though mahaba xa…but informative…EO No. 557…huh…good action from the government…but the question is….would the gov’t strict on the implementation of this EO No. 557…kahit pa maraming EOs n maipasa…if there’s a lot of corrupt and dishonest politicians…still niothing would changed…let’s juz hope that there will be an improvement…pansin qo lang…ur written works are so deep…grabe..kelangan tlga sumisid…juz continue…geh poh…god bless!(“,)

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