Politicians as Gambling Lords

“Politicians as Gambling Lords

by: Shenelyn Dela Cruz

 The prolongation of time of this issue in this country takes for almost a decade or more than a decade. Politicians as gambling lords are one of the character how they are known by those people where they govern. Like the former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada who w accused by accepting the “jueteng payola”. But on the statements that Mr.Chavit Singson gave while on trial of the impeachment case of the former Pres. Estrada he only shows that the politicians who are governing this country are gambling lords or the leaders of the illegal games operating town by town, city by city and the worst is in the whole country. It’s not that I’m accusing all leaders or politicians in this cuontry as gambling lords, of course there are still some politicians who are trustworthy to a public servant.whenever there’s an anomaly the name of the politicians are always present. some of them are doinf this to make their wealth so big, but they donteven think that when they die they cannot bring t. They forgot that being in the public service and as a public servant the frontlineof their responsibilty is to serve, not to be a gambling lord. How they can pass the baton with integrity if they are known as gambling lord? Folks, Lets have a quality leadership that we will pass on the next generation, let us clean our name, specially our reputation that really needs for being a public servant.



  1. don emmanuel nolasco Said:

    Philippine gambling politics is one of the major iss

  2. don emmnanuel nolasco Said:

    Shen has been so critical in the issue of gambling lords as politicians, She has a good sense in making the article less rhetorical, and I enjoy reading her articles. it is brief but it tackles the major points that suoorounds the issue.

  3. jay-r lumbo Said:

    gambling lords ar politicians? hmm isee… there are a lot of them nowadays.. and it’s good that shen had made these article that discusses about these political gambling lords

  4. raymund b babaran Said:

    She’s right about that thing. many of our public officials are coppupt…it nice that,we students,already notice that annomaly..and also she’s right that we should clean our name as a future politician..hawak kamay!!!!!hehehehe

  5. Antalan, Carlo Mayo P. Said:

    gambling has been on the nerves of the filipnos. its a routine for many of us to bet on different kinds of fortune games everyday as if its our fourth meal for the day, ryt? since we could not stop this kind of system and were tired of chasing so elusive people to be punished for this kind of “illegal act”, why dont we look at this as a beneficial? i believe its time to put everything legally. make our government benefit from it, make ourselves eat through it.

  6. khem visca Said:

    at this point of time, we cant accuse a politician if he/she is a gambler or not until we see a tangible evidence that he/she erns his/her wealth out of the gamble. politicians like that make politics dirtier each day. Shenelyn cited an example of former-Pres. Estrada, I cant even judge him because I dont see if he really accepted money from jueteng payola because the witness that testified is not reliable and credible enough. who am i to pinpoint a gambling lord politician?
    at the end of the day,we the people should be more observable to what the politicians do to our country. and im really thankful because Shenelyn made a very interesting arcicle..she is indeed a very observant and critical citizen of this country.

  7. king jhan lascano Said:

    gambling? hindi na yata mawawala sa kultura ng mga pinoy un e,

    well, this is not new to anybody, politics is noy really bad, what makes it bad are the politicians. nandun kasi ang pera e, so ofcourse since sila ang nasa kapangyarihan they would use it.

    we cannot say na wag silang magsugal, walang masama kung sarili nilang pera ang nilulustay nila, ang masa e pera na ng taong-bayan ang pinapakealaman nila

  8. Kris John Said:

    i stand with carlo in saying that since gambling has been a filipino culture, why not really legalize it. Morality being the key issue here? well i would not argue with it, “but if you can not beat them…. not join them… hehehe…make a good use out of them”

  9. Jesus Kristian King P. Calugay Said:

    What a minute! Hmmm…gambling…why are so many people fond on these things….easy money”, isn’t it right? its hard to find a good source of income. people are becoming more and more despirate and the very first win on the lottery will be like a taste of your very first chocolate. Some are just in it for the kicks.
    We all do agree that gambling is bad and wrong but in the hands of some of our respected officials! has the world turned upside down? in the first place, they should be the one eliminating illegal gambling for the average citizen will concentrate on their jobs. but there doing the quite the opposite.hayzzzz…

    so, whats the moral of this story?…..Choose wisely. Vote wisely.

  10. we used to like gambling eversince. we love to trust what our fate says kasi eh. “ano nga namang mawawala kung susubukan hindi ba?” so i was not surprised reading this article.
    but ang masama lang kasi is that polticians seem to love gambling what is in the future,the sake of the people who are trusting them. so, shenelyn was right by saying that it is now the time para baguhin ang nakagawian. hindi naman ata magandang bansagan tayo na “gamblers”. dahil sa katotohanan, only a group of people does.

  11. Lucero, Josephine C. Said:

    I become so immune wih almost everyday news about politicians who said to be gambling lord. The usual scenario about that is their over acting reaction, denying it although it was obviously proven with many evidences.

    I want to commend the writtings of Ms. dela Cruz because she’s so careful in discussing the very sensitive part of her essay. She used to wrote his knowledge about topic with respect to those prominent people involved in that matter.

  12. melanie aldeon Said:

    cnu b ang ayaw s gambling? we do have different reasons y we do it
    nsa kultura n ntn yan. masyado kc taung naniniwala sa swerte.
    dnt b such a hypocrite!

    ang msma lang, ung mga politicians ntn, ang isinusugal nla ay ung future o ung welfare ng taumbayan. cla n nga cgro ang father of all gambling lords!

  13. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    Many politicians were engaged in gamblings especially in number games like jueteng – which is illegal. We cannot separate from the politicians thier hidden agenda, which is sometimes their hobby of playing number games. Let’s say the culture of the Filipinos are really alive from the time of Spaniards until now.

    Look what happen to former Pres. Joseph Estrada. He was engaged in illegal gambling together with Charlie “Atong” Ang. Later on he was impeached and unconstitutionaly removed from office. He is now facing many accusations such as plunder and graft and corruption.

    So it’s a good thing that the author of the article tackles one of the great political issues of our time. Keep it up!!!

  14. Katigbak, Karla Elaine L. Said:

    Shenelyn! your topic is interesting because it is one of the major problem in our country….
    We have the same belief that gambling is not good for the country. So why make it legal? because it is a part of our life ?
    For me, eventhough it is in our culture still I don’t like it to be legal because it is one of the reason why there is corruption and its not good to see people waiting for their luck.

  15. joyce 'jucee' victorino Said:

    how harsh your allegations are shenelyn!
    i like this article because beside the fact that it is reader-friendly,, i believe that the one who wrote this really used her mind. and not the ‘COPY-PASTE method’ hahaha.. sapul!

  16. salome saro Said:

    Most Filipino is really fond of gambling.
    Even in our home, mama keeps buying lotto ticket!!!!
    I hate that, I am really against with her addiction to that, she thinks that there will be a time that she will get the jackpot prize! Too annoying for me!!!
    The point is how could you stop one thing if it benefits you, it may be physically, mentally or emotionally or even socially and politically. Also if you are one of those who keeps it going????

  17. Ma. Shiela H. Garcia Said:

    This is an interesting topic.. because we are all aware of this issue..
    yung gambling kasi nasa nature na talaga ng mga pinoy.. yung iba naglilibang lang kaya nagsusugal..ung iba naman addict na talaga.. it’s ok kung marami kang pera na pansugal.. ang masama lang eh kung pera ng iba ung gagamitin mo.. just like in the government… many politicians are engaged in gambling kaya ang nangyayari pati pera ng government nagagamit na nila,.., tsaka yung pagiging gamblers nila isa rin yung hindrance kung bakit hindi tayo umaangat eh.. kasi nawawalan ng tiwala sa kanila yung mga tao kaya di sila sinusunod,, e di lalo na kung gwing legal ang jueteng at iba pa? lalu lang gugulo yung situasyon sa bansa,,

  18. tHe aRtIcLe sHoWs ThaT iT wAs ReAlLy wRiTtEn By ShEn….AnD n0t A cOpY-PaStE tHiNg!! sHe pReSeNtEd hEr IdEaS iN a SimPle yEt dIrEcT tO tHe PoInT ManNeR!!!!,,,nIcE oNe sHeN!!=)

  19. ^^ agree with icah ^^

    btw, i liked the article because i saw shen’s side on the issue…
    next time just be carefull of typo’s… 🙂

    i liked this line…
    “How can they pass the baton with integrity if they are known as gambling lord? ”

    so true..

  20. lea baluyot Said:

    Nice choice of topic. I agree with you that gambling is the main problem of our government but we should accept the fact that gambling cannot be erased from our culture because it was instilled to us since the time of the spanish colonization. THe presentation of your ideas are done in a very systematic way. It was an organized yet an interesting article.

  21. Brigette Servino Said:

    Galing mo talaga Shen!!

    Hmmm… We share the same view Shen but as what they have said, we are influenced by our culture and gambling is part of our culture. Isipin din natin na pinoy sila, bahagi na ng sistema natin ang gambling!

    The way of presenting ideas, Magaling!! Well said yung mga thoughts and own views.Overall, maganda ang article!

  22. jezza f. blastique Said:

    – to what the article says ’bout Mr. Singson, thanks to him for informing the public. but that’s not the issue here…. hehehe…

    – these gambling lord-politicians still not remedied. and although they are contesting that jueteng is eradicated in the country, i don’t believe them, and so the others, i think. issues like these left a stain not only in our government but worse, in the Filipino citizens.

  23. clarence salazar Said:

    Nice article Shen! Politics is a gamble iself. It is not new nowadays to hear news about politicians as gmbling lords. This topis is discuss as always over and over again. Nakaka-umay na diba? Gambling is indeed illegal in our country, but still continued to practice because of the politicians supporting it. Is it the polticians fault? Di ba natin naisip na kung walang ring mga mamamayan na kumikilala or nahuhumaling sa sugal hindi na nanaisin ng mga politicians na ipagpatuloy ang pagpapatakbo ng mga sugalan sa bansa. Part na ng culture nating mga Pilipino ang sugal so it is really hard to totally eradicate it. All we need is change.


  24. Gerald Magno Said:

    Rumors that many of our politicians are accepting payolas from jueteng and other illegal gamblings is not a new topic in Philippine politics. Everytime the election is coming, scandals in politics are used by the TRAPO’s to be wewll known in the eyes of the voters. Including issues about politicians who are accused as gambling lords.

    Despite of the rumors (or should I say facts? I dont think so…), ther is one question in my mind. Why are these politicians are still wining on the election? Maybe, its not the vote that counts, its their money! Money from illegal gambling which is used by some politicians in vote-buying.

  25. katie rosales Said:

    i 90% agree, xempre ung 10% pr ky chiz..d xa gnun eh..weh!
    dats ryt, accdg to a certain stat 40-55% of politicians are amblers cguro ok lng yn as long as they are not temp to use the phil wealth for their personal reasn db?
    gmbling is part of life like pther people politicins might be like then..the only thing that make it as bad in their reputation is that thepossibility of corruption..

  26. arvie arce Said:

    galing talaga ni shen!
    its true that its part of our culture , pero sbi nga nla dba? ang makabagong henerasyon ang magdadala ng pagbabago…….

  27. Shiela_Coderis Said:

    to tell u honestly, i have nothing to comment on it!
    ewan, pro it’s very usual for me to hear them call
    the politicians of the country as gambling lords eh,

    hehe, un nga lng, shen made it clearer for me!

    i thank u shen, for this infos!
    so filipinos, nxt tym u’re going to vote
    mke sure na di na nten ito pagsisihan, at tawagin clang,

  28. Emil Lorilla Samaniego Said:

    Let me borrow one of the commentator’s word… I am IMMUNE in gambling lord, in jueteng etc. It has been a very classical motion in debate, gasgas na topic sa mga political talkshows, news etc. However, I believe that the very nature of it na classical or gasgas is the one that should really be reconsidered, because, isn’t amazing that this topic is like buni, alipunga or hadhad na hindi mamatay-matay he he. Now, maybe the reason that it still persisting in the society is because baka naman wala talagang ginagawa ang mga pinoy diyan, those buzzes, news, expose, about that ay baka mga pretentions lang ng lipunan upang matugunan ang mga particular na mga pansariling interes ng mga malalakas sa lipunan, tulad na lamang ng nangyari kay Erap, na ginamit ang isyu ng jueteng hindi upang masugpo ang jueteng kundi upang masugpo si Erap. But going back to the article, I believe Ms. Dela Cruz is good, no question about that, bps ata tayo, si Shenelyn pa, hehe, however ang tingin ko talaga ang article ay pang impromptu speech, you know why? Because it simply gives a simple view on the case, it doesn’t even propose a SOLUTION on the problem, maybe eto ang hinahanap ko. However, the phrasing on the last part is good, pwedeng manalo pang University wide public speaking. Maganda siyang piece sa Argumentation and Debate natin. 🙂

  29. Gerald "Lezard Valehe" Mesina Said:

    Politics is a gamble and gamble weakens politicians ……

  30. ralph julious villamor Said:


    we can blame somebody else for this mistake because in the first place its we, the people of this country who placed this people in power.

    good points!! and the logis is visible its short very diret!

    nice shenelyn!

    ladies and shenelyn!!

  31. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    gambling….it seems na mhirap talaga xa alisin sa philippine culture…y is it there is a widespread of gambling???anu p nga ba…it’s becoz of poverty…yang mga gambling politicians n yan..they’re juz one of the reasons kung bakit bumababa ang tingin s philippines..by the way…good article….mdali xa iabsorb…shen…nfeel qo h….direct agad!god bless!!(“,)

  32. commander_rommel Said:

    dapat ipa-firing squad yang mag sugarol at magnanakaw sa bayan!!! Mga taksil sila!!!!

  33. Irene Said:

    different political cultures have their own dark side and politics is the subtle art of making this dark side appear to work for the good of the others….but what can we do can we have a solution to this problem even the US has Narco-politics but the political propaganda used by politicians are so good as to make this prevalent among the americans…. is this what we like to achieve or we like to have a real solution real cleansing? if this will happen how many politicians will be left????

  34. Irene Said:

    different political cultures have their own dark side and politics is the subtle art of making this dark side appear to work for the good of the others….but what can we do can we have a solution to this problem even the US has Narco-politics but the political propaganda used by politicians are so good as to make this not prevalent among the americans…. is this what we like to achieve or we like to have a real solution real cleansing? if this will happen how many politicians will be left????

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