Terrorism: Al Qaeda, Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Places

by: Raymund Babaran 

Al-Qaeda, multinational alliance of Islamist terrorist groups engaged in a universal jihad against the United States of America, its allies, and friends. Established as Al-Qaeda al Sulbah (The Solid Base) in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 1988, the predominantly Arab group supports multiple jihad campaigns around the world. As the proclaimed “pioneering vanguard” of the “Islamic movements”, Al-Qaeda is steadfast in its desire to establish Islamic states wherever Muslims live.

         After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in February 1989, Al-Qaeda provided state-of-the-art training, finance, ideological, and strategic direction to two dozen Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Caucasian Islamist groups. Since US intervention in Afghanistan in October 2001, a dispersed Al-Qaeda is relying on these disparate associates for survival and for conducting terrorist attacks. Al-Qaeda, working together with its associated members, has supported or conducted terrorist attacks in Karachi, Jarbah, Bali, Amman, Mombasa, Riyadh, Chechnya, Casablanca, Jakarta, the Philippines, Ýstanbul, Iraq, and Afghanistan. With several new groups joining the fight, the frequency of attacks has increased.

Al-Qaeda is the successor of Maktab-il Khidamat (Afghan Service Bureau, established in 1984) founded by the Palestinian Jordanian Abdulla Azzam, the pre-eminent ideologue of the anti-Soviet multinational Afghan mujahedin campaign, and his protégé Osama bin Laden, a Saudi financier who fought against the Soviet army. Two pivotal events, first the “defeat” of the Soviet army, the world’s largest land army, and the culminating loss of its superpower status and second, the Iranian revolution, and the Iranian defiance of the US in holding American diplomats as hostages for 444 days, emboldened the Islamists to take on the remaining superpower.

After having failed to inspire and instigate the vast majority of the Muslims to revolt against “false Muslim rulers” and “corrupt Muslim regimes” in the early 1990s, violent Islamist groups had turned against “Crusader” and “Jewish” targets by the mid-1990s. By conducting the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Al-Qaeda hoped to bring a vast majority of the peace-loving Muslims into conflict with the Western world. Although Al-Qaeda failed, it succeeded in inspiring and instigating two dozen violent Islamist groups in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and in the Caucasus to attack not only their opposing local governments but also the United States, its allies, and friends. During the first 24 months after the September 11 attacks Al-Qaeda was gravely weakened following the loss of 4,100 members, associate members, and key supporters in 102 countries. Its current strength is estimated at under 1,000 members.

The most enduring contribution of Al-Qaeda, a force multiplier, has been its ability to successfully convince the territorial jihad groups with local aims and objectives to subscribe to a universal ideology of a global jihad. Al-Qaeda and its associated groups operate through the framework of the Al-Qaeda umbrella, the World Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders established in February 1998. By morphing from a group into a mass movement of several tens of thousands of followers, Al-Qaeda has triggered a phase of perpetual conflict between the violent Islamist groups and the West. While Al-Qaeda staged an average of one attack every year before the September 11 attacks, today, the Al-Qaeda network conducts an average of one attack every three months. Although attributed to Al-Qaeda, a vast majority of the attacks have been not by Al-Qaeda but by its associates in the global south. Although Al-Qaeda’s intention to attack North America, Western Europe, and Australasia has not diminished, its capability to plan, prepare, and execute an attack on Western soil has suffered. As a result, the bulk of the Islamist terrorist attacks are against Western targets in the global south. US intervention in Iraq in March 2003 (see War on Iraq) has increased the size, strength, and the influence of Islamist groups. As a consequence of Al-Qaeda working with disparate groups worldwide, both the threat and the threshold of terrorism have increased several-fold after September 11, 2001. To respond to a terrorist threat that is multidimensional and global in reach, the international community will have to develop a multi-pronged, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, and multinational approach.


-The AL QAEDA group as it said is the most violent and the most dangerous terrorist in this time. It is proven because of their actions that result to tragedy. Just like what they’ve done last September 11, 2001. Many of lives have lost because of the bombing of the World Trade Center in United States. That is one of the tragic actions that the AL QAEDA has done.

        But on the other hand, the AL QAEDA, for Muslims is their army for the liberation of their holy places. AL QAEDA for them is the one that is responsible in taking freedom for the holy places of the Muslims. AL QAEDA helps the Afghans in recruiting, transporting and training Islamic extremist during the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Their current goal is to reestablish the Muslim state in the world. AL QAEDA works with Islamic Extremist groups to overthrow regimes it deems non Islamic and remove westerners from Muslim countries. That is the reason why the some Muslims believes that the AL QAEDA is their army  for the liberation of the Muslims holy places..  



  1. kristine tyrol rosales Said:

    I would like to have some comments in the article first is in the MANNER MATTER AND METHOD how it is written..
    Raymond kaw ba tlg ung my gwa neto? Weh.. hindi nga, bka nmn copy-paste lng to ah?hehe joke. Nah..i commend you first for using such hypalautic words in the article. Honestly i had a nose bleed right after i read it. The manner on how you write i , seems very informative in such a way lots of information can be derived from it… the history of al qaeda, the plans, the actions and all that stuffs are realy included.But in my own opinion (as in saken lng nmn ah?) what i want to read in the article is also a line or a paragraph where you as an author reveals your own opinion as far as your topic is concerned. For me, i believe that you should have your mark or your own standpoint about the issue, whether you oppose the group or commend them from what they are…. sometimes in order to persuade and get the attention of your reader is that you put some touch of you own, this is a blog also right? Another personal comment for the author is that try to put some intruiging data in your article,those which are not typical that it seems that i can also read it in other articles… but to sum up my personal comment it is actually a very good article its just i need small revisions… good work raymund!
    Now. i would like to have my comments about al qaeda..
    Creating effective anti-terror policies always leaves open doors to the manipulation of the third parties. When the bombs exploded in London there are few people who start to argue that terrorists have got the reasons. When the bombs exploded in Istanbul the line of argument of finding an excuse for the terrorists became even much greater. One must realize that killing innocent people cannot be excused wherever this happens, and whoever commits it. In terms of fighting against terrorism, the last two centuries, in particular, after the Cold War era experiences, have demonstrated that arguments of terrorists always found some alliances. Unfortunately, some countries supported those terrorist arguments for their so-called national interests. This approach has led to double standards of what so-called “good terrorist” and “bad terrorist”. Therefore, the most-needed sphere of intelligence sharing and international cooperation in curtailing terrorism has been hampered.

  2. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    Actually, I don’t really understand the article that much. Sorry!

    Terrorism is one of the complicated issue to be discussed about. It tackles about sacrificing the lives of innocent people just to be noticed by the government. Terrorist have their own sentiments, meaning they felt that there is something that is not right. I think that there is a repression of democracy, repression of freedom of speech, discrimination and so on and so forth and maybe the government is not aware of that. But tecnically, what is the movites of the terrorist to do such things that may harm the people? I guess that is for me to know and for you to find out!

    The government has to do something about this. Let’s say peace talks will do. They need to listen about the complaints and sentiments not only to the terrorist but also to the people. Certain adjustments should be made by all of us.

  3. don emmnanuel nolasco Said:

    Raymund speaks of Terrorism, he discuss the historical background of AL QAEDA as an international terrorist organization fighting for the establishment of Islamic States in every places where the Muslim Lives. The action of this allleged terrorist organization is radicalism in its extememist form. Radical in the sense that they struggling for their goals by means of violence and through massive acts of terror. But at the end of the day, who are terrorists and who are exteremists? is the cause of AL QAEDA is a cause of liberation in the way Islam reiterate the concept of liberation. I always hear many students TALKING ABOUT TERRORISM BUT I failed to come up to a decision what terrorism is all about? Is terrorism is similar to campaign strategy of a traditional politician?, is terrorism is a deceptive advertisement done by corrupt companies/ or terrorism is a way of expressing ones political or social stand? I believe that the cause of AL QAEDa is a damage to its victims, but its victory is victory of their cause. I am not supporting the way they want to be hear and see, I believe there is a lot of ways but sometimes we needto be radical to achieve higher levels of success.

  4. jay-r lumbo Said:

    a very long story from raymund… i will rate this post as 1

    talagang pinaghirapan ang rteasearch…

    but ano nga ba talaga ang pagkakaintindi ng ibang students sa TERRORISM?
    ito ba ay paraan lang ng mga malalaking bansa para manakot at maghari? maybe but many people dont want to call it as terrorism… others call it the great holy war… holy war? for what? holy war against the boastful countries?

  5. jay-r lumbo Said:

    a very long story from raymund… i will rate this post as 1

    talagang pinaghirapan ang rteasearch…

    but ano nga ba talaga ang pagkakaintindi ng ibang students sa TERRORISM?
    ito ba ay paraan lang ng mga malalaking bansa para manakot at maghari? maybe but many people dont want to call it as terrorism… others call it the great holy war… holy war? for what? holy war against the boastful countries? wait i dont think so…

  6. Kris John Said:

    To cut the long short, global jihad is for the restoration of the “holy” islamic countries… It speaks of terrorism as the primary mechanism of the Al Qaeda in achiving such goal… Killing people that are out of their league is in nature good, it’s just taking another non-muslim life. i had recently scan a book entitled “when faith loses religion” ( i really can’t recall but the title sounds like that)… its opening scenario was this young man with bombs under his jacket and his pockets full with bolts and nails(to make a greater dister with near estblishments), who blew himself up in a public bus…a day later his parents heard about the news but despite the sad thing that their son had met they they did not mourn at all, they were proud of him for a job well done…
    terrorism for religion maybe that’s it…tumutol man ako but it’s their religion that’s the absolute truth for them…what might be right for them is wrong for the world…
    but somehow i am really facinated the way they stick to their religion, think if these kind of spirits are the ones we are witnessing in our society, how great would it be…

    nice on boY!!! (-_-)

  7. Antalan, Carlo Mayo P. Said:

    holy war? i never believed on that ideology. how could you call killings holy? is it not peace that we should be calling “holy”? is it not life that has to be regarded as holy? christians or muslims deserve a better world to live in and that can only be obtained when we drop our guns together with everyones wrong ideology in life. believe in peace—you believe in God—we’ll never go wrong.

  8. Khem Visca Said:

    Honestly speaking, I cant really understand several words that are used in the article..grabeh nalulunod ako sa lalim… All that I can understand is the latter part of the paragraph.
    I have bothing against their group kung sana man lang gumagawa sila ng kabutihan…But as I see, they are destroying the peace of the country. they killed so many lives and devastated many industries,even crumpled country’s economy.

  9. Jesus Kristian King P. Calugay Said:

    hmmmmm…..humans truly are destructive beings. what drives humans being to turn against his own kind? Religion? Fate? Wealth? Power? Country? Nationality? Tragidy? Insanity? Were we given that enough thought to end others people’s lives? Were we meant to kill each other for what ignorant reason whatsoever? Were we created to bring only other’s demise? definately not! we are human beings and we are meant for more greater things! We are brought to this world to reach “that one thing” and not to eliminate lives of human beings.

    Raymond, you got a very nice topic. Next time let us hear more about your thoughts. Let us hear whats ticking on your mind.

  10. after reading the article, i have conclude that it seems that living in this current world is really uneasy, unpredictable and threatening. if only we can read Osama Bin Laden’s mind and also Saddam Hussein’s, we can be prepared for the future’s mass destruction that they may plan against us.
    hindi kaya ginagawa nila ang mga paggugulong ito dahil may mali rin tayong ginawa sa kanila. i mean, tao lang din naman kasi sila eh. pero, hindi naman sa pumapanig na ko sa adhikain nila. naisip ko lang naman yun. kasi, what if tayo pala yung totoong mali. good and bad kasi ay napakalawak na aspeto.
    at the end of the day, i am still against terrorism. terrosrist has no place in this world

  11. Lucero, Josephine C. Said:

    Actually, I dont have any background on terrorism, its just i only know about it, is that terrorist is a person attempting to further his views or rule by system of coercive intimidation. According to Mr Babaran’s article, that mostly expounded the data about the “Al-Qaeda”, and all other countries that involved with that, terrorism is a kind of movement that used violence to epress what they want against certain countries like United States of America, its allies and friends. And honestly, because of those different countries that stated in the article it became so arduous for me to understand clearly all the roots and effects of terrorism.

    On the other hand, his essay really helps me to gain some knowledge and information about terrorism, especially in AL-QAEDA.

  12. melanie aldeon Said:

    wow! wat an article!hehe its a good one
    ok, jihad, i agree on wat carlo said, u cnt consider killings as a holy one

    y is der terrorism? cnu b ngcmla n2 at san ito nagmula? kc db nowadays, it’s one of the biggest problem of the world
    bkt pt inosenteng tao nddmay?
    how cn we solve it? muslims lng b? o pati christians?
    hay, ang gulo no? d ko n rn kc tlga alm kng anu mangyyari s mundo…hehe

  13. arjay Said:

    On my comments, holy war does not exist. It already happened before and people of today think that it was a huge mistake. Just think of the crusades that occured on medieval times, the crusaders believed that what they are fighting for is for God, but what are the outcomes? Just a huge destruction on countries and there were so much blood spill that countless people have died for it. And they all believed that that was a holy war huh?

    Well then I guess it can’t be avoided as long as most of the people believes that their beliefs is right.

  14. Katigbak, Karla Elaine L. Said:

    Terrorism, this is also my topic so I have some idea on how to start it… joke
    After that I have read it I learned a lot about terrorism especially it’s background but I’d like to know why is their such a thing like terrorism and why they are doing this that they are ready to die and kill people.
    I like your topic but some of my questions about terrorism still bothers me.

  15. salome saro Said:

    The article is highly informative, having all the necessary information.
    Good job!!!!
    We really don’t have anything to do about what the Muslims think over Al Qaeda…. Maybe more or less half population in the world thinks contrarily, but what we can do about their theological beliefs???
    As always mention esp. during beauty pageant… WORLD PEACE!!!!! Hehehehe!!!!!!!!

  16. joyce 'jucee' victorino Said:


    this work is very informative though quite hard to absorb. are you the one who did this?? peace man.. improve your work to be reader-friendly.

  17. Kristine Joie Salazar Said:

    the topic was nice, the idea was there. But if i’m actually n an ordinary reader and if

    given the chance to read taht article, i will not probably get what is the essence of that

    article. Alwys remember that whenever we are about to write an article we must consider some

    factor that will help us to come up with an understandable and meaningful article to easily


  18. this article answered all my questions on the al qaeda and their origins…

    good job !! 🙂

  19. lea baluyot Said:

    I did not get your explanation very well. Some of your comments ar a bit confusing. But you gave me much information about the group. But i myself do not believe in jihad that killings are no more than merely killings, that there’s no holiness on what they’re doing.
    well done!! 🙂

  20. Ma. Shiela H. Garcia Said:

    well.. this is a very interesting topic,,after reading this article, it gave me a lot of information about the al qaeda and other terrorist groups,,,

    ahm,,cguro kaya may nangyayaring terrorism kasi kulang lang talaga tayo ng unity,,, kasi magkakaiba yung mga beliefs natin,,

  21. w0oooo000www!!! raymund, ang galing mo!!!!

    that’s all i can say….hehe joke lng…

    it seems that your very interested with your topic that it really reflects in your article,,,

    ,,,because of terrorism thousands or should i say millions of lives have been lost…country after country have been destroyed….

    —->just wanna share this with you guyz!!

    “In terrorism, one of the greatest targets of acts of terrorism is to make a society lose confidence in its government’s capacity to protect its people.”–Abdelwahab Hechiche, a professor of government and international relations at the University of South Florida

    ,,,tigilan na ang terrorismo!!hahahaha

  22. Brigette Servino Said:

    Naks Raymund… Ang taray ng article
    I just want to comment lang sana sa manner of presentation. Though its really informative, assumung na isa lang akong typical student, I dont think kaya kong i-absorb yung mga infos e. Nahirapan ako intindihin yung mga terminologies na bago sa pandinig ko.. Maganda talaga yung topic mo but I think,it wuold be more effective kung hindi ganun ka-complicated yung pagkakapresent dito. But you article is full of informations, nice one Raymund.

  23. jezza f. blastique Said:

    – killing lives as a way of acquiring freedom of the holy places? naah! will that resort still make the work holy? igniting wars and battles using the believers so-called faith is a blasphemy! Though Al-Qaeda believes that they’re fighting for holiness, the chosen weapon is evil.

    Mund, galing ah!!

  24. Gerald "Lezard Valeth" Mesina Said:

    question lang …………..

    Katie keylangan pa ba tlga ng matter manner method dine ????

    anyway maganda ang sinulat mo i learn a lot from reading it jkahit iniscan ko lang xa


  25. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    wheeew…grabeh…sa totoo lang…tinamad ako basahin article moh…by the way, my comment n ko 4 u..but s ibang article ko xa nailagy…..medio nabasa ko n ung aticle moh….i’ve noticed n sa haba ng article mo eh wala ata ung self-explanation mo…nasan b??informative nman xa un nga lang….sana my sarili u n comment…db??ge godbless!!(“,)

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