Democracy: Silence in Liberty of Words

Democracy: Silence in Liberty of Words

by: Arvie Arce  

     Democracy is defined as a ” form of government
where sovereignty resides in the people”. A
“government for the people, by the people, of the
people”, which sounds very ideal but the question is,
“is that for real?” Does sovereignty really resides in
the people?

     In a democratic society, people have the liberty
to express what they think and how they feel. Though,
people has the liberty to express their thoughts,
feelings and opinions, why does more people tend to
choose to be silent and passive? Does democracy in its
purest sense works for everyone? Or some people uses
this principle for their vested interest? Considering
the fact that there are activists shouting their
sentiments on the streets using all forms of
communication,and voices from press people exposing
issues that’s happening around, still the people seems
inadequate to hear. The prevailing fear to be involved
grips the hearts and mulled their mouths to speak up,
for being vocal and expressive means putting one of
their feet on a cliff. Some doesn’t care at all, they
can’t see its relevance to their day to day living.
The benefits for doing so, seems unpromising so why
care? The bottom line is that “does anybody listens?”
and “is it worth dying for?” so, why would they spend
their time? or as some has comfortably chooses the
other way; “go with the flow”. The dilemma remains
tough, as state cannot march towards prosperity,
development and peace without the people’s active
participation in all of its affairs. We should always
remember that in politics, nothing will appear from
the way it was defined. democracy will be democracy
not by its definitions in the books but by how the
people takes the lead. 

     I hereby state with utter sincerity my
conviction, being deaf, blind and mute has no place in
a democratic society!



  1. kristine tyrol rosales Said:

    yeah,arvie! great! good job actually!

    Personally. i really enjoy reading your article for its really realistic in nature.
    About the matter,in my point of view, of course i didnt deny the fact and taken for granted the opportunity and advantages that democracy has given some point i cant help myself but to qualm to the idea if democracy really fits the country… well, i didnt blame democracy for that. What im tryin to point out is the fact we dont deserve democracy… in a sense that we dont actually know what it really means.. or we know it but prefer to interpret it to our personal intentions.

    To make it clearer guys, a certain situation like what had happened in Proclamation 1017, many, as in each side or corner of the situation clamors. The anti administration says that it is suppression of freedom of expression while the governtment side stated that it is just a matter of regulating the country’s situation… the country was in state of mere chaos that time. Everybody shouts at thier own interpretations.. see? how VERY GOOD interpreters we are! Democracy isnt like this but we cant help ourselves but to BE LIKE THIS because of different agenda…. nobody cares to listen but prefer to speak evry minute!

    And as the time goes by…many people tend to become lazy to involve themselves to the issues that are raising in the society… because what benefit can they get for it? simply.. NONE

    Because of this, i dont know what action will i do..should i get involve or prefer to stand at one corner and keep busy with other things than that…

    At the end of the day, arvie is correct at one point that we should do something because we are part of this society..however sometimes involvement would just tolerate the persting enigma of this country… the continous politicaL ideological clash! I ,in my own belief, Filipinos dont deserve democracY.I rather have a benevolent dictator rather than democracy…. guys we all know that T he Golden times of the Philippines was when the president of this country is not Cory, nor Ramos, Erap either or even Gloria but obviously its in Marcos time..hehe wait for my article bout Dictatorship (MAG-PLUG b ako?)

    “One bad thing abou democracy is the tyranny of the majority. I worried that the leveling impulses of democracy would demand equality in all areas of life, undermine excellence, and lead to a stultifying mediocrity. ”

    As we seek to build democracy abroad, we would do well to reflect upon Tocqueville’s intellectual legacy and his diagnosis of our democracy.

  2. Vanessa Karen Fajardo Said:

    The word democracy is not well defined by our leaders. They imposed their own definition of it, either in an intellectual way or in a social way – meaning different perception of our leaders is involved in imparting the information to the people.

    People may have the power, but they don’t know how to use it. Let’s face the fact that most of the people are miseducated in the sense that they don’t really understand the word itself. The sense of awareness in the minds of the Filipinos is not really open. Many factors are attributed to that, either they will find first the cure for their hungry stomach or they just feed the information given to them without searching the pros and cons of it. I mean how could the people speak up if they don’t know what is really happening around or if they don’t really understand the situation. And I think that the government should focus on educating the people about what is really happening in our country today.

  3. don emmnanuel nolasco Said:

    Being blind, mute, and deaf, is one of the major problems why we as a democratic country suffers a lot in terms of political stability. A lot of people care nothing to the major issues concerning our government and the society as a whole. Filipino are aware but we do nothing about it, everyday we witness all the negative effects of the major societal issues, and we hear the shouts but take it for granted.
    Arvie stated that in a democracy people have the liberty to express what they think and what they feel, many are expressing but few is listening, many are suffering but less is acting, and most of all many are aware but never care.
    I believe being mute, deaf, and blind in a society in which the few rules and many is oppressed is just a defense mechanism used by the opressed to cope with the societal standards set by the ruling class. Why opposed if your life is in danger, why speaks if justice has its tag price, and why listen if your stomach is empty.
    I want a better society, I want change, change that will extends and transcend down to basic masses that I encounter everyday.
    I believe there is hope for that social change, social change that will restore and promotes the democracy that is a government for the people, by the people, of the
    people”, which will never sounds very ideal but real.

  4. raymund b babaran Said:

    Classmate Arvie,good thinking and also good observation on what is the reality about our kind of government.The democracy here is not really being practiced.the government of the people by the people is now a government of a FEW poeple by the people.ang mga nakikinabang lang naman ngayon sa ating gobyerno ay yung mga nasa posisyon di ba?the real definition of the word democracy is now gone with the is like a bubble that in the blink of an eye,,there is nothing..

  5. Kris John Said:

    “We should always
    remember that in politics, nothing will appear from
    the way it was defined.”

    i absolutely adhere with this statement, that in politics theories are just rhetoric. The legally right or the morally right… people make decisions according to their beliefs and perception to an issue. Man is rational, but this being rational is sometimes or often times i may say, is challenged by other factors making people caught in the middle.
    well i don not absolutely hold believe to the statement that those who do not voice out their cry and sentimentare are mute, deaf and blind.
    “silence is arguement carried by other means”
    -che guevara
    maybe some of these so called socially impaired people are not deaf, mute and blind after all. maybe some are not being visible in such activities but that that does’t mean that they do not care at all.
    who doesn’t want change? all of us crave for a better society un nga lang we carry it out through different means…
    does it make us divided?
    i don’t think so…. cause i believe that it will come a time, being the state, all of us will meet halfway…

  6. jay-r lumbo Said:

    democracy, spell democracy capital D-O-D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y-E-X-I-S-T?
    democracy isn’t really practiced here… kung may democracy man…
    siguro pahapyaw lang… it is like we are controlled by dictators…

    kung may democracy nga… kaunti lang ang nakikinabang…

    ay sayang naman…

    but gopo djob arvie, you got it right…

  7. jay-r lumbo Said:

    democracy, spell democracy capital D-O-D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y-E-X-I-S-T?
    democracy isn’t really practiced here… kung may democracy man…
    siguro pahapyaw lang… it is like we are controlled by dictators…

    kung may democracy nga… kaunti lang ang nakikinabang…

    ay sayang naman…

    but good job arvie, you got it right…

  8. king jhan lascano Said:

    Arvie, marvelous job, a very brilliant observation from you.

    democracy did’nt exist in this country. cguro kailangan imulat na natin ang ating mga mata sa tunay na kalagayan ng bansa. We are not really free because we are afraid to talk, to act, and so, we are trying hard to be contented on our status. Pati nga sa pagboto walang demokrasya pagkat binibili lamang ito ng maraming pulitiko and we cannot do anything about it, why?, because in this country dignity is only for people who can afford it.

    good job girl!!!!!!!

  9. king jhan lascano Said:

    Arvie, marvelous job, a very brilliant observation from you.

    democracy did’nt exist in this country. cguro kailangan imulat na natin ang ating mga mata sa tunay na kalagayan ng bansa. We are not really free because we are afraid to talk, to act, and so, we are trying hard to be contented on our status. Pati nga sa pagboto walang demokrasya pagkat binibili lamang ito ng maraming pulitiko and we cannot do anything about it, why?, because in this country dignity is only for people who can afford it.

  10. Antalan, Carlo Mayo P. Said:

    our freedom never faded. we have it in every island of this archipelago. but we just have to revive it cause its rapidly dying.

  11. Jesus Kristian King P. Calugay Said:

    As far as I can taste from those words you said, Democracy is being chewed up by reality’s bitter parts. Human beings always compare. They compare parallel or different things and weighs them for which claims to be greater or proves worth to keep. Yah, you’re right. Some people now a days are becoming cold ragged dolls in society. Some of those people just stopped caring. People didn’t just became blind, deaft or even mute. They choosed to transform to those kind of beings. Whose to blame? Those people sitting on the top ranks? The guys who hold the riches of the country? The government? The law makers?The balut vendor down the ally? The system? Or maybe us, the average citizen?

    Democracy is a right and benefits of each one of us. And with each rights and benefits comes with a responsability. Everyone has responsibilities to take actions. We belong to this society of desolating democracy and i for one thinks we hold the key to protect each and everyone’s democratic rights and benefits.

    There will always be a class bully if no one stand up to him.

  12. Khem Visca Said:

    Being deaf,blind and mute are the social illness of the Filipinos nowadays. They pretend to be innocent and know nothing regarding the Philippine political stuation.
    Democracy is relative, what is democratic to me may not be democratic to someone else even if we are in the same democratic state. All I can say is you know your rights, you know what you’re fighting for so fight for what is right not just for your own good but for everybody’s welfare. Democracy in its very sense refers to do the liberty in the right way.
    Ganda poh ng article…

  13. Lucero, Josephine C. Said:

    The writtings of Ms. Arce really catch my attention. “Democracy: Silence in Liberty of Works”, is an essay that encounraged me to look with the reality of freedom that democracy given to us. Democracy as a form of government in which soveriegn power resides in the people as a whole, is exercised either directly by them or by the elected representatives really spoiled us Filipino but in contrary this kind of government is continuing to make fFilino satisfy with their livings and to not took part in the country’s political issues. This sequence became one of the Filipino’s political traditions and perceptions, thats why this line (… being deaf, blind and mute has no place in a democratic society) essay was proven.

    Ms Arce wrote with sense about the reality of democracy in the Philippines. She’s good in constructing impormative lines and how to make it much interesting. I admire her for being so realistic and sensible in writing.

  14. melanie aldeon Said:

    democracy is really a government of the people, by the people and for the people, no more, no less, i guess.

    but i think, it doesnt not happen in our country

    your article is very substantial
    i can feel your sentiments regarding this matter because i feel the same way too
    you caught my interest and attention
    job well done!

  15. freedom is not absolute. if you abuse your rights we will just go back to the primitive ages where government has not yet established.
    that is why we are governed by rules and laws. if i were to choose between a society filled with laws and a society with absolute liberty, i will choose to live in a place with laws. i still believe that laws are made for the human’s benefit (as far as i know..)
    i know, we will not be heard right now. but when the time comes guys, let’s make a change.
    because democracy is about using your rights in a worthwhile manner

  16. arjay Said:

    that was a good article..

    But on my side, democracy does not exist in this country. Because people of this country forgot about the real essence of freedom. And what is it? Is it the chain of responsibility. People nowadays think of only their freedom no matter what the cause may be. It is in the sense that people steps on the freedom of other people. And this is what our problem is. This is why democracy can’t prevail in us.

    We must first consider of those responsibilities that is vested in us and understand that we can be part of this developing country even though we’re still students.

  17. salome saro Said:

    Good point dear…. Democracy will be democracy not by its definition in the book but by how the people take the lead.
    Thank God for democracy we had… it is here to treasure…
    FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM, everybody has it, but of course, it should exercise in legal manner, or else the jail is waiting for you.
    Maybe listening requires skill than just to hear, and that the problem in most of us. We talk and talk and talk. We never try to listen. Relatively, democracy is nothing without listening…..

  18. Katigbak, Karla Elaine L. Said:

    AJ! What a nice article! I’m impressed with what have you said because for me democracy alone is freedom of every one but remember that there no such thing as absolute freedom.
    I agree with you when you said that people tend to become blind and deaf with what they see and hear because as long as you are not affected then why involve yourself ? that’s the practice of most of the people because they are are afraid to get involve.
    I really appreciate your article, arvie joy arce!

  19. Kristine Joie Salazar Said:

    Basically we need to face the reality. Those activists are shouting for a change and I

    actually agree for the question that Arvie raised ” Does anybody listen?”
    Well for me we could not get what we want for the betterment of our country when we are

    still in the mood of being “MANHID. The change and victory in the world wherein people that

    surrounds us are somehow we could actually consider as “MANHID” As a sincere public servant,

    we should after of serving the people.

    Another phrase that i want to emphasize goes like this, “Being deaf, blind or mute has no

    place in a democratic society. Well we could notice that this phrase has something to do

    with the phrase that I enclosed in the first pharagraph. How do I say so? Well it is normal

    to express our feelings and wants for the fact that it is written in the constitution but

    the question is how can our screams will be given a chance to be heard whn nobody wants to

    listen? How can we possibly change the corrupt system in our society when no one listens? If

    that is so, we could not possibly acquire the change that we want for our beloved country.

  20. for me, this is the best article of the week…

    because i can relate…

    i loved this statement…
    “The prevailing fear to be involved
    grips the hearts and mulled their mouths to speak up,
    for being vocal and expressive means putting one of
    their foot on a cliff.”

    this is really the status quo… people are afraid to speak up because they dont want to put themselves on the position of danger..

    kudos arvie! 🙂

  21. lea baluyot Said:

    I myself was strucked by what you said. Your right, if we want changes in this democratic country we should speak and let our voices be heard of those people above. I want changes and im very affected on certain issues that crippled our government., but i do not participate in activities that fosters changes. i remain mute and blind of all the things happening around us.
    A great nationalistic report on your topic.
    i admire you.!!!

  22. Brigette Servino Said:

    Nice one Arvie! Very good..
    Impressive girl. very well said. he points are clearly presented. A great observation dealing wih the reality happening in our country.
    Analogy to the article, the “people” she’s referring was “she” herself. The only thing I noticed wih us, specially Filipinos, we used to talk and talk, preach and preach other people with what is good, what should we do, but we ourselves cannot do what are saying. We know our rights and yet we remain silent. See? Knowing Arvie personally, I never thought that she has these ideas but she never voice it out and make a stand. We prefer to remain silent and ignore what’s happening than to make an action. Well… that’s the reality that exists in our country. But of course, we can’t blame these people, ourselves, in doing so for taking into many considerations. however, at the end of the day, we have to make our side!!!!
    The article was great! I was really impressed!!! Keep up the good job ARVIE!!!!

  23. friend,, wat a niiiiiiiicceeee article!!!

    i enjoyed reading your article hindi siya boring….hehe

    i love this statement arvie…. prang galing na galing sa puso!! hehehe
    —>democracy will be democracy
    not by its definitions in the books but by how the
    people takes the lead.

    you ended your article very well….keep it up!!!

  24. Ma. Shiela H. Garcia Said:

    the article was really fabulous.. it’s true that being blind, deaf and mute has no place in the democratic society because these are also some hindrances why we our country is not progressing..The people pretend that they don’t see the real situation of the country,they continue to be deaf to the people who are asking for their help.. and they continue to become silent to the issues that need their opinions and views.. that is because they don’t want to be involve..because sometimes they lack concern for their fellowmen,, they are being selfish just to be safe..and that should not be their attitude.if we know that we can do something in making our country a progressive one.. then we must do our part as a responsible citizen,,

  25. Gerald Magno Said:

    A politician and a soapmaker is talking. Tha soapmaker asks the politician, “what good is democracy if the country is still suffering from many social problems like poverty?”

    The politician did not answer, they continue walking until they saw a street child.

    “Look that street child. With all the soap in this world, why does he is still dirty? What good is soap?,” the politician said.

    “But sir, you ought to know that soap is useless unless it is used by the people,” the soapmaker answered.

    “Exactly,” he politician replied.

    “The same thing with democracy, it is useless unless it is used by the people responsibly,” the politician said.

    The story tells us that no matter how good democracy as a political system is, if the people doesn’t know how to use it responsibly, it will not work for the common good.

    Democracy, as defined by the author of the essay is the right of the people to express their ideas and thoughts. But in the reality, people would rather choose to be silent and just go with the flow. Well, why is this so?

    I think, the author underestimeted the Filipinos when it comes to social awareness. Although, the author is right in saying that the Filipinos would rather choose to be silent and passive. Take a look at this situation, if you were soon become a mother or a working father, would you choose to join those people who are shouting in the streets than to work for your family? Im not opposing activism here, im just stating a fact that all of us, as a Filipino masses know.

    But for me, in my own opinion, although Filipinos are not that active in terms of social happenings, they still know what is the status quo of this country. They are still vigilant enough to know when to take an action on a particular situation.

    Democracy doesn’t only means freedom. We should always remember that in every freedom, there is a responsibility. Sometimes, democracy fails because of too much talking, and as a political scince student, we should not let this happen.

  26. jezza f. blastique Said:

    – Arvie, ang ganda ng article mo.. Ang galing ng explanation!!

    – Some say that people who are not fed up of shouting in the streets abuse their freedom of speech. i say to those people who accuse these groups, it is not only for their good that they’re doing those cries, but for all, even for the next generations. the reason why they’re not taking a break is simply because they know that the people they are addressing their cries are playing deaf. they are certain that not just a protest or two will make the authorities hear them. Why? they, or we rather, the masses, can’t see and feel that our cries have been given considerations.

    Pero actually, minsan nga ung ibang sumasama sa rally eh di naman alam yung sense ng ginagawa nila. Nagpapasikat lng…..

  27. clarence salazar Said:

    A nice self-explained article Arvie! We are in a democratic country yet democracy is not visible. We all have the right to fight for what we believe. We have the right to express our thoughts, to potest though there are these people practicing their rights, many still lived in the silence. Are these people blind, deaf and mute on th issues concening our country? I think not, maybe they’re aware of everything but chose to lived in the silence beacause as they can see, there are these activist who keeps on fighting fo their principles, actually “for the right of everyone” but is there anyone from the government care to listen? Nothing happens, politics remains on its natural flow.

  28. mia 3-2 Said:

    there is no absolute freedom for there is not such a thing like an absolute reality…. 🙂

    i just wonder how you viewed ppol who thought that freedom should be express in “anyway” they want it….

    and do you agree that in anything (even in freedom) there should be a limitation?how could you say there is a point that democracy should not be exercised?

    nonetheless, you do have an interesting issue here!
    peace! 🙂
    God bless !

  29. Gerald "Lezard Valhet" Mesina Said:

    the real meaning of democracy kills democracy itself …

    in our country we hvae this kind of government system

    and that is true That democracy sotps the freedom itself ………

    and democracy is abuse ………

    democracy is exploit

    {ganda ng gnwa mo ha pasenxa na kung konti lang nasabi ko may trangkaso kasi ako ngayun }

  30. emil samaniego Said:

    Does the contention itself that there’s no absolute reality is excluded in the absolute reality we are talking about? 🙂

    Okay if there’s no absolute reality then what you are talking about absolute reality is not necessarily absolute. So i can say that it’s not absolute that there’s no absolute reality, because there is no absolute reality according to you! 🙂

    However, there is an absolute reality, and there is an absolute freedom. Yeah, i know that we can just think of the ideals (just a simple copy of the ideals) but i believe freedom is excluded in that ideals, because freedom itself is not ideal at all.

    Magulo ba? he he. Next time paliwanag ko then next time na rin lang comment ko sa article.

  31. 2nel_sanchez Said:

    huh…actually meron n tlaga ako comment s article mo…but i s ibang article ko xa na ipost….well… nice article….yeah right…democracy will be democracy by how the people exercise it… here in our country…philippines is a democratic country…but we cannot reaally feel the real democracy…eh ang dami nga dyan freedom supression…ge godbless!(“,)

  32. sheilla ramos Said:

    girl, what a nice article ah?!

  33. sheilla ramos Said:

    ei…snxa poh… !dq alam bkit ang iksi ng comment q…!mahaba yan eh…!

    well, owkei ung article moh..!u said wat u observed hir n our country which is a democratic..but the problem hir in our country, we abused our freedom.that’s why we don’t tink wat we our doing..we don’t tink if were doing gud in our country..and the result, we don’t have the peace hir n our country..!khit ung mga lider ntin or ung mga namamahala sa ating bansa ay nagkakagulo din..!for me, some ppol are very selfish..they tink of their self they dont tink the others..!if we want changes…let begin to ourselves..wag tayong maging bulag o bingi..!as a youth we also have d ryt..!daanin natin sa tamang paraan..wag puro sa magulong paraan para maayos ang lhat..db????

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